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Majesta Empire Suffer Theft

2011-04-18 - By Svarthol

TVN-FM, Vale of the Silent - Last week, Majesta Empire [ME], a member alliance of the Northern Coalition [NC], was robbed by a trusted member, Trina Forrest.

Forrest, a former director in ME corporation, Reliables Inc, used her roles to clear out her corporation's wallet and hangars, netting approximately 30 billion ISK, 100 billion in researched original blueprints, a Nyx supercarrier and several billion in moon products. Some POS modules and fuels were also taken.

At the same time, MR ZVER, a close associate of Forrest's, cleaned out the corporation wallets and hangars of The Privy Council, the ME holding corporation. This netted them an estimated additional 300 billion in ISK and 70 billion in assorted assets.

The stolen ISK was intended to pay for the alliance's sovereignty bills but according to Tekai Foo, leader of Majesta Empire, "many corporations within ME have already offered to cover sov cost as have alliances and corps in the NC". They have so far received over 70 billion isk in donations and loans from corps and individuals both within ME and within the NC.

Forrest, who had been a member of Reliables Inc for ten months, five of which was spent as a director, had the following to say: "There are a lot more underlying factors that pushed the main cause for my betrayal, most of which is the egotistical attitude most ME leadership people have. There are some good people in ME, but there are a lot of people who are selfish and act very condescending. For this, your alliance must pay."

A corporation director of Reliables Inc said that he did not care so much that the corporation's assets had been stolen, but it is more the fact that Forrest had tricked members into giving her their assets for "transport" and had then stolen them.

Members of ME seem stunned by the magnitude of the loss, but their leadership are satisfied that since the alliance's assets had been decentralized some time ago in case of just such a situation, the loss was much less than it could have been and they are confident that the alliance will recover.

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