Meet the Devs for real! | EVE Online

Meet the Devs for real!

2012-09-13 - By CCP Phantom

The upcoming weeks CCP and the EVE community will celebrate EVE Online with a firework of exhibitions, game shows and player gatherings all over the world. Here is your chance to meet the developers of EVE Online and DUST 514 live at an event near you!

Without further delay we will begin these multi-day player gatherings and official exhibitions this weekend and continue through the whole month and into October:

September 14-16
EVE DUST Summerfest in Loutraki, Greece
Player organized event

September 20-23
Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan
Official exhibition

September 27-30
Eurogamer Expo in London, UK
Official exhibition

September 29
Player organized event

October 4-7
Igromir in Moscow, Russia
Official exhibition plus separate player gathering with CCP developers

October 5-7
EVE Vegas in Las Vegas, USA
Player organized event

Meet CCP developers at all the above mentioned events and exhibitions!

We also would like to point you to smaller player gatherings worldwide. While these events do not have any official developer presence, they can be very exciting and absolutely worth a visit. Learn more about these gatherings here.

We hope to see you soon!