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Meet The Fleet Commander

2009-01-17 - By Svarthol

There are only a handful of highly visible and successful Fleet Commanders in the Federal Defence Union. Today's focus is on Elijah Ghost, a member of Pillowsoft corporation [PILLO].

Elijah obtained his pilot's license two and a half years ago. He has been with Pillowsoft on and off during his entire career.  The formation of the FDU has given him a reason to stay around longer this time.

The formation of the militia has also allowed Elijah to test his hard earned skills and experience in the defense of the Federation, albeit with mixed results early on: "I was the first FC, and lead the first 60 man fleet to their death. The second fleet I [commanded] was an hour later and I lead 30 against 50 and won, with minimal losses."

Despite his inauspicious debut, Elijah has gained valuable experience and now forms regular roaming fleets centered around the star system of Villore. Although State Protectorate pilots tend to dock up as quickly as possible at the sight of an Elijah Ghost fleet, Elijah still perseveres on his pursuit to destroy any State pilot he can find outside of a station's docking ring.

When asked how long he intends on leading fleets, he states: "Until my CEO boots me from the corp, or we leave the militia... Personally, I'm here until we win."

With the constant shifting of system control, pilots are becoming worn and frustrated. As Elijah reminds us: "... it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Caldari captured more systems than we did at one point, then we had their systems, and now they're back on top by 1 system."

The one question Elijah ponders is: "... if we had a date of when the war was going to end, would people fight harder?"

All militia pilots are welcome, and encouraged to join Elijah's fleets based out of Villore.