Mini-professions | EVE Online


2005-07-08 - By Talisman

What are the mini-professions?
New skills that allow characters to use specialized modules to interact with special objects in game (for now, spawn containers in some complexes).

What are those skills?
There are two in now: Archaeology and Hacking. Both will receive new skills in the future that branch out from these two. New basic mini-profession skills will also be added.

What about the modules?
To use the Archaeology skill you need Analyzer I. To use Hacking you need Codebreaker I.

How do you use the modules?
Find a complex room either with Archaeology containers or Hacking containers. Activate the module on it. There is a percent chance of success, the chance depends on the character’s skill level and the level (difficulty) of the container.

What is in these containers?
The containers drop special components that are used to manufacture unique items. The containers can also drop the skill to manufacture the items (they’re not available on market) and, in some cases, passkeys to other mini-profession rooms.

How can you manufacture these mini-profession items?
You need the skill, which drops from containers as mentioned above, and you need a blueprint. Players can get BPCs for these items from agents in space located in the same constellations as the mini-profession rooms. The BPCs are given out as mission rewards.

So, where are these mini-profession rooms anyway?
You can find them around the Ani constellation and the Okkelen constellation. Each constellation has a low-level hacking room, a high level hacking room, a low level archaeology room and a high level archaeology room that can only be entered with a passkey from a spawn container in the low level room. So in total there are 10 mini-profession rooms.

Anything else we should know?
The idea with mini-professions is to allow players to tailor their character even further in making it a unique entity. Even if it’s possible to pursue more than one mini-profession, it will become increasingly difficult as more and more specialized profession skills become available, even forcing players to select a field within a given mini-profession to specialize in. As training mini-profession skill means you’re not training ‘regular’ skills, the choice whether, and what, mini-profession to pursue becomes a tough choice for every player. We have lot of interesting additions for the mini-profession system, what is in now is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect some very cool stuff in Kali. And you can quote me on that one. :)