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Ministry of War issues apology - rogue pilots outlawed

2005-02-04 - By Svarthol

Yesterday, a group of Amarrians, claiming to be Khanid officials, called for a task-force to gather in the Gehi system. The purpose of the taskforce was apparently to purify space, removing hostile influences in the Khanid regions. The group was led by Jeremia Hurson supposedly of the Ministry of Assessment. Gregorman Tasfran was to lead it, supported by Olarania Hunits, Tsuniam Fendrick and Finuts Quarte, all of the Ministry of War.

However, after the taskforce launched and ended up in the system A2-V27, one of the pilots, Olarania Hunits, fired upon a Blackbird cruiser, belonging to Francis Drakke, a member of the Nemesis Corporation.

As the group led by Gregorman Tasfran had Nemesis members in their midst, as well as individuals allied to Nemesis, such as Kr0m and DeathRow Inc, they considered this a betrayal and proceeded to open fire on the taskforce leaders. Olarania Hunits, Tsuniam Fendrick and Finuts Quarte as well as Gregorman Tasfran were not prepared to face the onslaught and their ships were destroyed.

Kr0m official Rift Scorn responded to this by making a public statement, which can be found here. Today, we in the Interstellar Correspondents were asked to release the following press statement on behalf of Perimum Amyn, Minister of War

"I have just heard of several Ministry of War officials and an Assessment official of varying rank who called a taskforce to meet with them in the Gehi system. Upon investigation I have found that each of these pilots undocked from their station in the Agil system and left to mobilise the force that would get them through the system A2-V27 and into Querious unharmed.

These pilots have made a grave error of judgement in using the public populace in this manner and we are not prepared to let it stand. The Ministry of War does not act for or speak in behalf of the Khanid Kingdom.

I am hereby apologising to the pilot who lost his vessel in the tragedy that happened in A2-V27. It was a mistake and it will not happen again. Olarania Hunits was not acting under our orders, as such, we are unable to return the value of the lost vessel.

It has also come to my attention that these pilots have since not been in contact with the Ministry of War. In response, I have removed them from the Ministry of War. We cannot tolerate disobedience.

In the near future, a representative from the Ministry of War will get into contact with loyal Amarrians, through public venues. It is only fitting that these pilots be found and executed in a manner that reminds them of their grave mistakes."

We were unable to contact the Khanid Kingdom directly, although the Ministry of War has let us know that they are making amends through diplomatic channels.

Whatever happened in A2-V27, it surely isn’t the last we will see of these rogue Amarrians.