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Minmatar Corporate Stocks Level On Investor Uncertainty

2008-09-21 - By Svarthol

Stocks of Minmatar corporations remained level through the end of the trading today, as continued uncertainty with regard to government reformation, economic and trade policies, production capability, and commercial security tempered any gains projected from increased interest or market activity. Trading volumes on Minmatar-based stocks were extremely light, with investors seemingly on hold until further information comes to light. Analysts have stated that they expect trading volume to rise significantly in the coming weeks as newly-inaugurated Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor elaborates on his plans for the future of the Minmatar government.

Big winners since the inauguration of Maleatu Shakor included those companies in the construction sectors, including Urban Management and Six Kin Development. Both companies showed modest gains despite investor uncertainty, and look to be positioned for an even more dramatic rise in the future.

Core Complexion made waves by announcing an unscheduled board of directors meeting, to be held in the coming week. The Minmatar technology giant has been under increasing pressure lately, both from competitors able to match the company's low-cost manufacturing technology, as well as the increased security and distribution costs incurred by the current political situation between the four major empires. The topic of the board's meeting has not yet been disclosed; more details will be provided when they are available.