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Minmatar Mining Industry Expands to New Frontiers

2008-10-08 - By Svarthol

Hek, Metropolis – Hek Extractions and Aggregates (HEXAG) has announced plans for a large off-planet mining installation in the Hek system. Long a force in quarrying and open-cast mining on the core worlds of the Republic, HEXAG has recently diversified into mineral surveying and extraction on moons and other bodies. The announcement of this extensive new operation in Hek follows the successful establishment of a number of smaller mining installations throughout the Metropolis region. HEXAG has confirmed that a moon will be the target for the new venture, with bulk extraction of minerals not readily accessible through orbital mining techniques the primary goal.

The HEXAG announcement chimes with market reports indicating increased demand for minerals and refined products within the planetary industrial base of the Republic. With extraction opportunities limited on many planets by tribal territorial considerations the expansion of the traditional mining sector into the exploitation of moons and orbital bodies is seen as a natural response to the upswing in demand. HEXAG have also announced that their new installation and further planned operations will create many new jobs in the industry. A recruitment drive is underway for skilled workers with particular emphasis on the Minmatar diaspora in the Gallente Federation.