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Minmatar Preacher Begins 'Salvation Crusade' in Amarr

2009-02-07 - By Svarthol

Amarr – A 'Salvation Crusade' from Amarr to Pator was declared yesterday by Minmatar preacher Abel Jarek, at a public meeting held in the main concourse of the Emperor Family Academy in Amarr. Jarek, a Cleric in the Salvation Church of Blessed Servitude, an authorized branch of the Amarrian Church serving slave populations, announced his intention to gather a "flock of righteous Minmatar and take the Word of God to our brothers in Pator."

Speaking to a crowd of several hundred former slaves, Cleric Jarek gave thanks to "Our Holy Empress Jamyl, who in Her divine wisdom has brought so many of our people into the light." He went on to express his belief that he and others had been freed so that they might "spread the word to all the people of Minmatar and bring them into the Holy Empire of God."

At the close of his sermon, Jarek invited all present to join him on a "Salvation Crusade from Holy Amarr to Pator." Station authorities confirmed that 214 Minmatar accompanied Jarek aboard a chartered transport that left an hour after the meeting broke up.

Abel Jarek has been a noted figure in the Salvation Church for 23 years and gained his freedom under the terms of Empress Jamyl I's emancipation edict. While not an ordained priest, Jarek came to the attention of the Theology Council for his work among slave populations and was awarded clerical status. High levels of voluntary conversion among slaves in the domains of House Sarum are attributed in part to Jarek's work and he has the patronage of several leading members of that royal family.