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MMC Lottery winners announced.

2005-11-10 - By Svarthol

REPUBLIC. Yesterday the The Minmatar Mining Corp held the last round of their mining lottery, closing the event with the announcement of the winners.

Pod-pilots Joan Sade, Dondo Yonderboy, Jes Salvatore, Sloth Arnini and Hege will be awarded a Rupture-class Cruiser each, with a bonus 720mm 'Scout' I artillery provided by the Republic Fleet.

The MMC lottery, consisting in mining one million units of unprocessed Scordite ore during several rounds, was received with varied degrees of enthusiasm from the pod-pilot community. In particular the third round held in mid-September, although widely advertised in Minmatar comm channels, attracted such a low number of pilots so as to make MMC team leader Ninmelan Ungur publicly lament the "rather disappointing" lack of support of Minmatar pod-pilots.

In a somewhat cheerier mood yesterday when announcing the winners, Mr. Ungur commended the pro active spirit of all participants in helping acquiring minerals for the Republic, which will be used in the construction of various infrastructure inside the Minmatar Republic.

Mr. Ungur will be contacting the winners shortly to arrange delivery and pick-up of their prizes.