Fansite Awards 2008 | EVE Online Fansite Awards 2008

2008-03-28 - By Svarthol

Every year the games industry holds awards for the best games on the market with many top companies vying to be the best in the business. This year are doing something a little different. They are holding awards for the best Fansites in the business. Many of you will be aware of great EVE Online fansites that have helped new players to get started, allowed mission runners to have up to the minute information on completing COSMOS and regular missions or have made miners unleash strip mining fury like no other! is looking for the top fansites in the gaming community, and awarding those sites with great tools that will increase their exposure and give them the recognition they deserve. MMOFury knows it is hard work to maintain a fansite, so a little appreciation can go a long way. Fansites that show that they are active in the gaming community and provide a useful resource for players will be considered for the top awards that include being featured on with ongoing promotion. Head on over to // to check out all the details and get your site entered in the event.