Game of the Year | EVE Online Game of the Year

2010-01-12 - By Svarthol

JÁ SÆLL! Splendid! 哦耶! Awwww yeah! These are just a few of the phrases yelled by the CCP devs in the past 24 hours. Some were not fit for print, but quite celebratory.

EVE won the Game of the Year Award from!  You should definitely read the article, but we have a sneaking suspicion that if you area already a capsuleer, you probably have a good idea why this honor fell on EVE. Since 2003, New Eden has remained a pretty good place to be. Pewpewpwnage (as also celebrated on MMORPG) is definitely a contributing factor, but it is truly the "Massively Multiplayer" part that you are providing to CCP's "Online" contribution that makes EVE, well, EVE.