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Molea Cemetery Destroyed by Jihadswarm

2008-09-28 - By Svarthol

Azia Burgi’s cemetery was destroyed earlier this week by the JihadSwarm faction of GoonSwarm. Dozens of corpses have been stolen and several surviving caskets have been defaced.

Forgotten by many, the cemetery was the solo project of Azia Burgi. As reported in an article early this year, Azia “…thought it was a little sad that people just left their victims corpses alone in space after such a violent death. “ Azia began collecting these corpses and placing them in secure “caskets” to be anchored in her cemetery.

The report of her cemetery project sparked some interest from the pod pilot community, and the number of donations has produced a staggering backlog of 5,000 corpses. Jay Marshall remarked: “The EVE Cemetery is a monument to those fallen in battle. A place where one can go and say those final words they would like to the fallen, and even though we are in a clone-age, where one really doesn’t die, the bodies entombed around the cemetery are both a reminder and warning about our own mortality."

Unfortunately, the cemetery also attracted the attention of Karttoon, leader of JihadSwarm; “I ordered JihadSwarm to destroy the Cemetery in order to set free the desecrated and defiled bodies, stolen and trapped in mass graves to be put on display and gawked at as personal possessions of a vile woman. The deceased must be buried on planets, wrapped in our ritual shroud, and positioned to face in the direction of the temple of Qu’Lah." [Sesfan Qu'Lah was a revered GoonSwarm CEO -ed.].

"GoonSwarm believes in freedom of religion, as long it is righteous. I doubt any of the “tenants” had the opportunity to state their beliefs before they were dragged into this prison. It is my duty as leader of JihadSwarm to enforce the moral standards of the one true god.”

The GoonSwarm/JihadSwarm position was verified by Zapawork, the official diplomatic representative of GoonSwarm.

The attack on the cemetery’s control tower commenced at a time when Azia Burgi was dealing with personal business planetside. In addition to the destruction of the control tower, weak encryption protocols allowed JihadSwarm pilots to steal dozens of corpses and desecrate several of the empty caskets with such phrases as “xiut was here” and “can’t stop the fofo”. Of the 700 caskets originally anchored, only a hundred or so still remain.

Despite the destruction of her work, Azia remains committed to her project and has said, “As always the cemetery project is neutral and any corpse I receive from GoonSwarm will be treated with dignity and respect as are all the deceased. To the community in general: Thank you for your continued support please keep the corpse donations coming. Normal service will be resumed as is humanly possible.”

Karttoon has already vowed to launch another attack; “unless she is willing to change her burial methods so that they are in line with our beliefs. She is always free to contact me if she is interested in coming to a peaceful solution.”