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Molea Cemetery Weathers Second Assault

2010-08-24 - By Svarthol

Molea, Khanid - On 112.08.18, Azia Burgi's cemetery was attacked by combined forces from Goonswarm Federation and TEST Alliance.

This is the second time the cemetery has come under Goonswarm's crosshairs as they were also responsible for the destruction of the first cemetery, in Y110.

According to Azia Burgi, the cemetery's caretaker, the tower guarding the 'caskets' came under fire on Monday: "It was about midnight... when around 60 Goon pilots jumped into Molea and started attacking us."

Azia explained that while three pilots of her corporation were manning defences, Goonswarm's pilots used their numbers and their remote repair capability to continue their attack virtually unscathed: "each time we primaried a ship they had 5 Guardians backing it up, " she said.

Reports indicate that the starbase protecting the cemetery was a medium tower of Amarr design. The tower lacked the tough defences found in larger ones, but it had been choosen by Azia as a good compromise on durability and available burial volume. "When up against an alliance as large as Goonswarm no amount of sentry guns will stop them," she explained.

The starbase's destruction has not affected Azia's morale. According to her, the 'caskets' have mostly remained in place and she has hinted at plans for the cemetery's future: "I will not be bullied... [but] I can't really reveal the actual plans on how i plan to rebuild while the war is still active... I am still accepting corpses" she concluded.

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