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Mordu’s Legion experience recruitment surge

2008-07-30 - By Svarthol

Pilots are moving to Pure Blind in an attempt to join the famous mercenary Legion. More than a hundred have arrived in 5ZXX-K in the last week, after the Legion's readiness to mobilize during the recent war has reignited interest in them.

Seemingly disillusioned with the current political and military situation inside the Caldari State, many ex-Navy pilots are making the journey in an attempt to join Mordu's Legion. Uriegh Hakkilen, a former Navy Kestrel pilot, is one of the prospective recruits. He cites his personal reasons for attempting to join; “I have trained all my life to defend the State, to defend the way of life of our citizens. I looked forward to flying into combat, but letting the Militia do the work while we sit on our hands isn't my idea of fun" Hakkilen continues “The Legion is an opportunity to continue flying and stay loyal whilst keeping my self-respect.”

One of the other potential recruits, Gansielle Hiverre, is trying to join for very different reasons. An Intaki by birth, the current fighting in Placid has made him look elsewhere for employment. “I have never subscribed to the idea that my people are an equal part of the Federation. The Gallente seem quite content to fight a war by proxy in our Intaki homeworlds. This is the best opportunity that we have had in living memory to make a change for our people. I’m hoping my skills will be enough for Mordu to accept me. Muryia Mordu is a perfect role-model for a free thinking Intaki.”

Although the Legion has traditionally supported the Caldari State, it appears that they are quite content to sit back and allow the current troubles to develop before showing their hand. A source from inside their headquarters at 5ZXX-K V - Moon 17 - Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities remarked “Mordu and his Lieutenants are continuing their daily meetings as usual; the only change I've noticed is a renewed fervour and heightened secrecy. I don’t know what they are planning in there, but knowing the Legion they're going to be sure that whatever happens, they've already planned for it in detail. Surprises are bad business, after all.”