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Mordus Legion meet DCM in a cloud of conspiracy theories

2005-02-23 - By Svarthol

Pilots from all over the Caldari state were unexpectedly called to arms earlier this week by security forces from Deep Core Mining Inc. The security forces sent the many pilots they hired out to scout and secure solar systems surrounding the Paara system and more specifically the DCM station, immediately.

The pilots were not made aware of what they were looking for, only to report back “suspicious pirate activity”. When they were given the reason for this mission, however, the reason for the lack of details became apparent.

They were scouting out the systems, clearing all opposition to make way for a Mordus convoy of unknown purpose. When the pilots found out who they were working for the seeds of dissention began to spread. One pilot who wishes to remain nameless broke the wall of secrecy surrounding this operation to speak to me, saying “he didn’t trust the Mordus further than he could throw them”.

This is the second time that both the Legion and DCM have been discovered to be pulling off unusual activity in the last week. Several days ago a Legion escort mission didn’t show up to protect a convoy of ORE industrials out of the syndicate region, and DCM were embarrassed just a day before that particular incident when a trader who sold many delicacies such a spiced wine and long limb roes, spoke out into public communication channels asking if the purchases were related, embarrassing the DCM representatives who seemed to try to cover it up. Sources within Deep Core Mining claim that one executive has been fired over the incident, although we can not get official confirmation at this point..

Why DCM didn’t use their own security forces for this operation is the subject of speculation, some parties, mostly the pilots hired, believe it is because the DCM security forces could not hope to match the experience and firepower that the pilots themselves brought, whilst others believe it is because the DCM executives were trying to keep this operation low key and secretive, and amassing their forces would arouse suspicion. Certainly the local DCM executives were adamant that information was not released to anyone.

We do not have further information about the convoy, as all of the pilots were paid and dispersed. However, this event is becoming less likely to have a mundane reason by the second.