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More details on Outposts

2005-07-07 - By CCP TomB

Outpost Services
All Outposts have Medical, Escrow/Bounty/Courier, Fitting and Repair services - other services are limited by Outpost type, here's details on other services and the slot#:
Amarr Factory Outpost

  • Factory Slots: 20
  • Laboratory Slots: 2
  • Office Slots: 4
    Caldari Research Outpost
  • Factory Slots: 2
  • Laboratory Slots: 20
  • Office Slots: 8
    Gallente Administrative Outpost
  • Factory Slots: 4
  • Laboratory Slots: 4
  • Office Slots: 16
  • Special: Market
    Minmatar Service Outpostu
  • Factory Slots: 2
  • Laboratory Slots: N/A
  • Office Slots: 6
  • Special: Refinery

Building an Outpost

  • Outpost Construction Platforms are manufactured using Outpost components, which are only sold on the NPC market and can not be manufactured. The components are also huge and transporting the required amount for an Outpost won't be a single ride in your pretty shuttle.
  • In order build an Outpost; your corporation needs to be a part of an alliance and hold the system sovereignty of the desired solar system by building a starbase (POS).
  • Outpost Construction Platforms get deployed into space like anchorable secure cans but can only be deployed by a Freighter because of the size of it once complete. After the Platform has been deployed it needs to be filled with set amount of minerals and commodities. The minerals can be mined through ore and refined in station closer to your Outpost location but the commodities will need hauling, and probably more than a single pretty shuttle ride.
  • Outposts must be deployed at the orbit of a planet.
  • Once the Platform has been filled with all the required items, it will get turned into a ready-to-use Outpost after server down time.