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More Jove Body part info

2004-05-27 - By Talisman

The body part buy back orders are now in. Each empire has put in a market order in one of their hub stations, you'll have to go there to complete the transaction. To regurgitate what each empire buys back:

All empires buy Epidermis Sliver (at 20000 ISK each, min order 1000)
The Minmatars buy back Bone Splinters (at 27828 ISK each, min order 750)
The Amarrians buy back Blood Drops (at 53264 ISK each, min order 400)
The Caldari buy back Liver Bile (at 100876 ISK each, min order 200)
The Gallenteans buy back Cerebral Slice (at 139905 ISK each, min order 150)

The stations where the market orders are placed are:
Minmatar: Pator III – Moon 2 – Republic Security Services Assembly Plant
Amarr: Amarr VI – Moon 2 – Theology Council Tribunal
Caldari: New Caldari IV – Moon 1 – Chief Executive Panel Bureau
Gallente: Luminaire VII – Moon 1 – Federation Customs Testing Facilities
In all cases, the npc character to deal with has a name that starts with Commissioner.

The reason for the price not being higher is simple, we want to limit the infusion of money into the game. Instead, we opted to award those that complete buy back orders with limited blueprints revolving around the cloaking technology. The exact blueprints have not been chosen yet, but will include the skills for operating the cloaking devices. The rewards will most likely be empire specific, i.e. Amarrians receive a certain BP while the Caldari receive another.

Now, the empire that fulfills the highest number of buy back orders will win a favor from the Jovians. The number of completed orders will be modified by the number of characters for each race, for instance there are ca. twice as many Caldari characters as there are Amarr characters, so the Caldari have to complete more than twice as many orders than the Amarrians to win.
All characters for the empire that wins will get a substantial faction standing gain with the Jovians. Now, this may not do much at the moment, but will give those characters a significant advantage when Jove agents become active and when Jove space opens up.

Finally, as many of you have noted the Complex Fullerene Shards are not included in these buy backs. The Shards will be used at a later stage for another Jove related story arc. So hold onto it until then.