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More low security gas clouds discovered in all four empires

2007-11-15 - By Svarthol

Following the announcement that Poteque Pharmaceuticals has possibly discovered numerous gas clouds in Amevync and Elerelle, representatives for Eifyr and Co, Zainou Biotech, and HZO Refinery have each announced the discovery of similar clouds in their own spheres of influence. These clouds, in Hed and Tartatven, Mivora and Umamon, and Fabai and Joas, have marked similarities to the clouds discovered by Proteque.

Despite the rash of discoveries, no one is ready to begin trumpeting them as especially significant.

"We cannot yet comment on what the gas clouds contain," said Danege Gane of HZO. "We're treating them like we would any other discovery of mild interest."

Raultalainen Aiko of Zainou was similarly tight lipped. "All I can say is that the clouds are interesting. We were tipped off to their location by an explorer in the region who recalibrated his LADAR probes after the news about the Poteque clouds were announced."

Only Frelf Laer of Eifyr was willing to speculate. "We think that the clouds may contain vital gases, similar to those once used in booster production. Though Eifyr and Co has no plans to begin booster manufacturing, we appreciate the many medical uses those gases could have. We strongly believe that these gas clouds are not red herrings."

Some experts in the biotech field question the timing of the discoveries. "Four regions filled with heretofore unnoticed gas clouds just brimming with valuable gases?" responded Professor Gallus Sabathia of the University of Caille. "It seems to me like someone has decided to hoax these companies, maybe trying to gain finders fees for their discoveries."

"We cannot confirm nor deny that the discoverers of these clouds were paid for their information," said Gane. Similar sentiments were echoed by the other company representatives.