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More pressure for Prime Minister in wake of ‘Slave Farm’ discovery

2003-11-22 - By Svarthol

Incredible footage was released today of Minmatar Police vessels making a co-ordinated planetary swoop on what was thought to be one of the largest 'Slave Farms' in existence. Although only a few hundred malnourished captives were set free, according to the Police who have seized records left at the site, close to a million Minmatar slaves had been ‘processed’ there in the last two years - most, we must assume, destined for various plantations and factories within the Amarr Empire.

But what has caused most shock and alarm is that the ringleaders and personnel in charge of the farm were Minmatar nationals and the farm itself located deep within Republic borders. Despite continued and stern denials of their existence from the Amarr Empire it is thought that up to a dozen Slave Farms exist within Amarr territory, but this is the first time one has been located outside of the Empire.

"Over the last six months our border patrols have doubled their efforts to bring to an end the deplorable business of the Amarr slave traders who for decades have raided border settlements and raped entire villages on our frontier worlds." Said Muar Karid, Sheriff Chief Of Internal Security "Sadly the demand for slaves has not fallen and the Amarrians have employed even more disgusting methods to enslave our people."

Unsurprisingly Amarr officials have refused to comment on what they call 'an internal matter for the Republic'. Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular too has yet to make a statement on the Police action, keen, it seems, to wait until further evidence comes to light. According to some reports there are still some minor skirmishes between Police units and mercenary security forces and many of the leaders have yet to be fully questioned.

Prime Minister Midular's silence has however enraged opposition leaders. Veshta Preda, the Krusual spokesperson was quick to heap more pressure on a leader becoming ever more isolated by the day: "By his inaction on this matter and his subservient past dealings with the Amarr Empire, it is clear that our Prime Minister would be better qualified to run an Amarrian plantation than he would the Minmatar Republic." She continued: "Given the hardships of our people, no person willing to turn a blind eye to slavery can call themselves Minmatar. These people; the administrators and security personnel who ran this deplorable detention centre are by their actions the sub-human stooges of Amarrian thugs. Clearly without Amarr money or the demand for forced human labour this deplorable operation would not have existed."

It is clear that whether or not the Amarr Empire was behind the running of this slave farm, or indeed any other slave farms, the issue that is now engulfing the Minmater Parliament is one of political point-scoring. There has been little or no debate over the shocking conditions that some of the slaves were living in, or indeed the worrying discovery of cloning equipment on the farm, a find that adds weight to the many conspiracy theories already circulating about unregistered clones being produced for the human labour market.