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More Vegas Info & The EVE Vegas 2016 Alliance Prize Draw!

2016-09-15 - By CCP Falcon

On October 28th through 30th, Las Vegas will host the biggest gathering of internet spaceship pilots on the North American continent. EVE Vegas 2016 is set to be packed with EVE related presentations, roundtables and activities, along with game demos of all CCP's current titles. We're also scheduled to see an appearance by Permaband, performers of HTFU, Keep Clickin'Killing Is Just A Means,and Wrecking Machine.

We're happy to announce several more developers who will be joining us for our annual celebration of all things New Eden in Las Vegas!

  • CCP Fozzie - Game Designer
  • CCP Larrikin - Game Designer
  • CCP Myrkur - Senior 3D & FX Artist
  • CCP Logibro - Community Developer

In addition to this, we have a further selection of player speakers who will also be joining us to give presentations:

  • Marc Scarus - EVE Media
  • Rahne Chocolate - Streaming & Community Involvement
  • Scooter McCabe - Scamming in EVE
  • Darius JOHNSON - A Practical Guide to Building an Empire in EVE

We're looking forward to seeing a record amount of player created content this year. EVE Vegas is an event on the EVE Community's Calendar that is not to be missed, so be sure to pick up your EVE Vegas 2016 ticket today to avoid missing out on an incredible event and awesome prizes!

The EVE Vegas 2016 Alliance Prize Draw!

For the past few weeks we‘ve been raffling out room upgrades limousine rides in the EVE Vegas ticket holder prize draw – and now we are happy to announce the EVE Vegas Alliance Prize Draw.

To be eligible, alliances need to have a minimum of 10 registered attendees who have stated their alliance affiliation when they purchased tickets through our EVE Vegas ticket sales page on Eventbrite. If an alliance reaches 20 confirmed attendees, then the chance of a win will double.

If you didn’t enter your alliance affiliation when you purchased a ticket, fear not! Every ticket holder who purchased their tickets can add their alliance information by logging into Eventbrite and doing so. A login link is featured on the ticket purchase confirmation e-mail that attendees are sent when they purchase their EVE Vegas 2016 ticket.

If you experience issues logging into Eventbrite, you can contact Eventbrite support for help on how you can add and edit information you’ve submitted when you purchased your ticket.

The prizes:

The winning alliance will receive

  • 1x Panorama Suite with Strip View room upgrade
  • 1x Panorama Suite Connector room upgrade
  • 3x Complimentary airport limousine transfers
  • Note: The Panorama Suite and Connector room can be connected together, but both provide separate bath- and bedrooms.

A runner up alliance will also be selected, and will receive

  • 1x Panorama Suite with Strip View room upgrade
  • 1x Complimentary airport limousine transfers

Rules & Regulations

  • Every player who has booked a full conference ticket for EVE Vegas 2016 is eligible.
  • Each EVE Vegas 2016 full conference ticket is a chance to win, which means you can win multiple prizes.
  • Purchase of your EVE Vegas 2016 ticket must be made by 23:59 UTC, Wednesday October 18th 2016, to be eligible and counted in the prize draw.
  • Only EVE Vegas 2016 full conference tickets are eligible and will be counted.
  • Party only and tickets are not part of the competition and won't be counted.
  • Every alliance member must be able to submit an e-mail with their EVE Vegas 2016 ticket purchase through Eventbrite to be eligible and to claim their prize.
  • EVE Vegas 2016 tickets are non-transferable.
  • Only alliances that have 10 or more full EVE Vegas 2016 conference tickets are eligible for the prize draw.
  • Alliances that have 20 or more full EVE Vegas 2016 conference tickets will double their chances and have two entries in the prize draw.
  • The winner alliance and the runner up alliance will be chosen among eligible entries by a random drawing at CCP Headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland at 13:00 UTC October 19th.
  • We will announce the winners October 20th, 2016.
  • Prizes are issued in the form of a room upgrade for an existing booking made by a player who is a member of the winning alliance.
  • CCP reserves the right to use the names of winners for promotional purposes.
  • CCP maintain final discretion on making the awards.
  • Detailed information how the prizes can be claimed will be provided via e-mail to the winners. Please see below for basic information on how to initiate a prize claim.
  • Winners must be 21 years of age and be able to provide valid ID to claim their prize at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
  • The prize does not include flights, complimentary accommodation, tickets to EVE Vegas 2016 or tickets to any additional events of or connected to EVE Vegas 2016.
  • CCP makes no warranties with regards to the prize, the prize is not transferable and the winner has no right to substitution (in currency or otherwise).
  • CCP reserves the right to substitute the prize of equal or greater value in the event of unavailability.
  • Directors, officers, employees, contractors and agents (and their immediate families and household members) of CCP, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, are also not eligible.

Claiming Prizes

  • We will announce the winners on October 20th, 2016.
  • The two winning alliances will need to delegate an EVE Vegas attendee to claim the prize.
  • Prizes are issued in the form of a room upgrade for an existing booking made by a player who is a member of the winning alliance.
  • To be able to claim your prize a registered member of the Alliance will need to submit a receipt for a room booking at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, during at least 2 of the 3 conference dates (Oct 28-30) within 48 hours of being notified of the win via email
  • In the case of the winner, two room bookings must be submitted to claim room upgrades for both the Panorama Suite and the Connector.