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Multiple character training

2013-10-18 - By CCP Xhagen

Many of you (very many in fact) are familiar with Dual Character Training. We are now offering the option to increase that number by one, thus allowing you to have three Skill Queues (remember that each character only has one Skill Queue) active at the same time.

Just right click a PLEX in EVE to access the option of having another Skill Queue active or visit Account Management for other payment options.

Note that having an additional Skill Queue active will not allow you to advance a character twice as fast, it will only allow you to have two or three active Skill Queues – to train more than one, or two, characters.

The same basic rules apply to this update as did with the option of having only two Queues active with the exception that you are now able to extend the option of having two or three queues as often as you have PLEXes to.

As with many things the complexity level goes up when adding options, but we can all handle that right? Let us have an example:

  • Imagine that I have an account with three characters, CCP Xhagen (20M skill points), CCP Beta (6M skill points) and CCP Gamma (10M skill points).
  • I have CCP Xhagen’s Skill Queue active as I use him the most and I have an active subscription.
  • Now I see that I need to expand the combat expertise of CCP Beta because a particular Empire Faction is getting a bit too bold for my taste and I need to teach them a lesson. I acquire a PLEX and use it to open up the option of having one additional Skill Queue active. And come to think of it, I use another PLEX to extend the option to 60 days – I’ve been neglecting him for the past months.
  • I, being a little bit exited to also manufacture all the ships in EVE, see that CCP Gamma would suit well for that. I acquire one more PLEX and open up the option to have the third Skill Queue active.

But what happens after 30 days in the example above? The character with the lowest number of skill points will have its Skill Queue paused – meaning that CCP Beta’s Skill Queue will no longer be active. CCP Gamma’s and CCP Xhagen’s Skill Queues will still be active. If I wish to continue to train CCP Beta, I will have to pause either of the currently Active Queues and then activate CCP Beta’s Queue, or add another PLEX to open the option again.

It is crucial to keep in mind that opening up the option of one or two additional active Skill Queues will not extend your account expiration date at all – it will just enable this extra functionality during a specified periods. If your subscription expires while this feature is running, all active Skill Queues’ remaining time will be paused, so nothing will be lost until your account is re-activated again.

As an example, if you opened up for 30 days an additional Skill Queue while 13 days of regular account game time is left, you would have 17 days remaining of this feature paused when your account expires.

Like mentioned above, the Skill Queue belonging to the character with the lowest number of skill points will be paused when the time for an additional Skill Queue expires.

If you decide to open up an additional Skill Queue and not use it, it will still use up the purchased time.

This feature will be going live with Odyssey 1.2 on October 22nd, 2013, and all relevant information regarding remaining times on active Skill Queues can be seen on the Account Management page just like before.

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