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My brain was equipped with the following implants

2011-10-20 - By CCP Masterplan

Killmails are great.  They serve as reminders of good fights (or dubious mistakes).  They let you measure losses inflicted on your enemy in cold hard ISK.  They also demonstrate some interesting choices in ship fitting, or cargo-movement attempts.  If you're so inclined, they provide a way to track your kill/death ratio, and measure it against your peers.  I especially like the ones where a pod gets squished.  But I’ve always felt that those pod-mails were missing a certain... something.

In the forthcoming Winter expansion, we’re adding a much-requested piece of additional information to capsule killmails:  They will now list the fitted implants of the unfortunate victim.

This poor pilot sure likes his implants, even if his mix-and-match style is a little worrying!

I’m keeping this short and sweet, as I want to get the information out early to the third-party developers.  That way, they can make sure your killboards will be ready to start counting up those Slave sets as soon as this goes live!

If you’re a killboard or application developer, you’ll want to pay attention to how the implant list is going to appear.  For killmails copied from the client, the format will be similar to the destroyed items list for regular ship killmails.  Each implant will be listed under the Destroyed items: section, with an (Implant) marker (similar to how some items in a ship kill have a (Cargo) or (Drone Bay) marker now).  This is to enable a clear distinction between implants carried as cargo in a ship, and implants fitted to a capsule’s pilot.

For killmails obtained via the API, destroyed items have a flag attribute, showing their location prior to destruction.  Currently this can be 5 (Cargo) or 87 (Drone Bay).  Fitted implants will have a flag of 89.

This change should be released on to the Singularity test server sometime next week, so that you can start generating some test mails for your tools.

I look forward to seeing how this new information starts showing up in the battle reports.

Fly safe.  And remember, don’t plug in what you can’t afford to lose.

CCP Masterplan


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