My OCD said fix this so I did... | EVE Online

My OCD said fix this so I did...

2012-07-16 - By CCP FoxFour


Hello internet spaceship friends, I'm CCP FoxFour a new content designer here at CCP for EVE Online. I thought would give you a quick idea as to some of the stuff I have done in my first few weeks here at CCP. 

Auto-Targeting Missiles

Some of you may remember back when most missiles had different names, because that was oh so long ago. Well it turns out when the missiles were renamed some of them were left behind. As far as I am concerned, this is unacceptable and must be fixed. So I have fixed it.

I made another change as well. When we renamed the category F.O.F. Missiles to Auto-Targeting Missiles the missiles themselves stayed as F.O.F. and so did the skill. I have gone through updated all the auto-targeting missiles to have a matching name scheme along with the blueprints and the skill. No more getting the FoF skill that shoots F.O.F. missiles from the Auto-Targeting category.

Below is a screenshot of the Auto-Targeting Missiles before and after my fixes. It may not have been much, but dang does it make me feel better.

Heavy Assault Missiles

Turns out we no longer have Assault Missile Launchers, we have Heavy Assault Missile Launchers that shoot Assault Missiles. This has been changed so that Heavy Assault Launchers shoot Heavy Assault Missiles. The idea is that launchers should shoot missiles that match the name of the launcher.


I have made a couple of changes to implants and how they appear on the market; the question is which oh which to talk about first.

Hmmmmm how about adding pirate implants to the market? Yea, let’s do that. Right now there are a number of implants that exist, drop, and are things people want to own that do not exist on the market. Like the Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Links. That seems wrong. So I fixed it. This is a bit of a tricky thing though as there are implants that exist in the game but don't drop or do anything. I wanted to avoid adding those. So while I did add a slew of implants to the market if you notice I missed any after this release let us know.

Saying that I only added pirate implants to the market though is a bit of a lie; I also added the Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 and CA-2.

Next up is reorganizing Skill Hardwiring implants on the market. Please don't hurt me...

Right now generally speaking if you want to get hardwiring implants either you know exactly what you want, so you search for it, or you spend far longer than you should bouncing around between implant slots and categories on the market trying to find a selection of implants to accomplish what you want.

Feedback from the community and internally has said that when hunting for implants the first thing most do is think of a category (Armor), fill that, and then fill their remaining implant slots after that by going to the next category they want. Instead of trying to explain what this means in words, here is a picture.

That is not all though. No no no. We had this issue of some implants displaying their bonus in the description, some not. Those that did display their bonus in the description all did it in varying ways. Fixed. All hardwiring implants should now have the same formatting for their descriptions.

Finally every dev blog must have a graph so here you go.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and goodbye for now.

CCP FoxFour