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Mysterious Attacks on Increase at the fringes of Caldari space.

2005-04-21 - By Svarthol

Recent news reports have been flooding in from various anonymous sources of attacks at the fringes of Caldari space.

For the past few months these mysterious attacks have been on the rise and they do not appear to be letting up. Each of the attacks appears to contain a small tightly nit fleet of eight or so Caldari ships, enlisted in an oddly named corporation. Every attempt at communication with any of these vessels is met with garbled and seemingly random noise. Early attempts at decrypting the signals have failed but cryptologists are still working on decoding fragments of communications submitted by pilots who have encountered them.

Only tonight a group of these mysterious vessels appeared, this time in the Akora system, their origins still completely unknown, always appearing within the Ihatalo constellation. The ships were dealt with by various pilots, before they could wreak too much damage. Unfortunately no-one was captured and the only communications were the now familiar garbled random noise.

As these attacks rise, we must surely ask ourselves, who are these pilots and what are they doing? Especially as sightings of these pilots starts creeping towards higher security space. It appears not even concord can deal with them, as they have failed to intercept the pilots on every occasion it has been recorded they have entered high security space.

Official figures from the jumpgate records bureau for the Ihatalo system have reported a slight drop in industrial and light combat ship movement since the beginning of these attacks.