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Mysterious Death linked to Drug scarcity

2007-03-15 - By Svarthol

PLACID: The gruesome discovery of the body of a man identified as Bevarius Qolemar has been made in Osmeden, baffling investigators with the severity of injuries suffered showing signs of torture and alleged links to organised crime.

The grisly remains of the victim, whom had been missing for a week were found in his quarters and whilst the exact cause of death is still under question, it has been reported that he was tortured over an extended period of time.

Station security stated that they had found the body after being informed that there had been no sign of the victim and numerous attempts to contact him went unanswered.

A spokesman for the station said: “We were not expecting this, we simply thought he had left without anyone knowing. Given that he was receiving numerous messages from various locations in Syndicate and his involvement in the drug trafficking group ‘Euphoric Gaze’, we have no doubt that his death is connected to the criminal elements of the area.”

Attempts to contact other members of the victim’s organisation have also been unsuccessful; however, a review of the last transmissions Qolemar sent shows that he was planning to flee to Syndicate, from Idatheth Khora.
Who or what Idatheth Khora is remains a mystery at this time.

Many observers believe that this murder is directly responsible for the drastic reduction in the production and distribution of Rise, a powerful narcotic, created by Sundari Idama who employed the deceased. Due to this shortage, many users have begun to suffer withdrawal symptoms, which include severe depression, and suicidal tendencies.

Vorada Kuvakei, former Mordu Legion officer and now head of the Intaki organisation, Illoren, was asked about these incidents but only commented that the death of Qolemar was ‘needlessly brutal’ and that ‘the decline of the drug Rise, is but the first step in Placid’s recovery, and the growth and empowerment of the Intaki people’.

Due to the lack of Federation and CONCORD presence in this investigation, the Intaki Space Police have been in full control of the situation. The Syndicate itself has not given any sort of official statement on these events; however a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, claimed that when news broke of the murder, several members of the Syndicate retired to their quarters claiming illness.
While CONCORD presence has been non-existent during the investigation, they have issued a brief statement on the drug known as Rise. It reads: “We have received various inquiries and comments about this new drug that has surfaced in Placid. We are continuing to gather samples of the drug when possible, our initial tests have shown this drug to be highly dangerous to those who use it, with the risk of overdose being nearly triple that of any current narcotic.”

“Given these dangers, it has been decided that the substance is to be outlawed and ask that citizens please inform local enforcement agencies of any use or trafficking of the dangerous substance. Those who have created this drug will cease their activities immediately, or face prosecution,” concluded CONCORD.

Whether or not this is sees an end to production of Rise or is just a blip in Idama and others’ plans, remains to be seen.