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Mystery Solved as Sansha's Nation Emerge from Wormhole

2011-07-18 - By Svarthol

Hebisa, Metropolis - The mysterious wormhole in Hebisa has been closed by a Sansha's Nation Chimera.

After several hours of battering away at the wormhole with ECM and drones, capsuleers were taken by complete surprise when a small fleet of frigates belonging to Sansha's Nation emerged.

Reacting to the sudden threat, they fought back the first wave which was left stranded as the mysterious wormhole closed behind them.

Moments later, two more wormholes spawned on the spot, releasing first a lone frigate and then a small fleet of Tegmentum-class battleships.

The few capsuleers who had stuck out the boredom of watching a non-responsive wormhole were badly outmatched as Sansha's forces attacked them.

Soon more capsuleers, both loyalist and anti-Sansha arrived. Victory for the Sansha forces seemed assured when, without warning, the battleship fleet and its supporting frigates suddenly disappeared back into the wormholes.

Moments later, yet another wormhole spawned, spewing a lone Chimera-class supercarrier piloted by Slave Gelhan01. The capsuleers responded immediately, the fleet growing very quickly as capsuleers who had been en-route since the beginning of the battle finally arrived.

The Chimera was destroyed, but not before completing its apparent mission of closing the wormhole.

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