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Name Our Meeting Rooms - The Results!

2019-11-10 - By CCP Convict

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Hello consultative capsuleers!

Back in August we kicked off a contest to name the meeting rooms at CCP’s new office building which we’re scheduled to move into next February. The first phase was to find out what we should be naming the meeting rooms after. A poll was created and you guys chose ship names as the category; beating out systems, constellations and regions.

In round two we invited you to make suggestions for names and asked for a brief explanation as to why you felt your ship of choice was important to you. The community team pored over all your submissions (over 250!), whittled that down to about 70 entries and then invited the rest of the company to weigh in. Today I’m pleased to announce we have chosen the 30 winners of the contest!

The winners will receive 1500 PLEX each and have their submission placed on a piece of artwork featuring the ship which will adorn the meeting room that is its namesake. They will also receive a physical copy of the artwork signed by CCP devs and an unsigned, digital copy of the artwork. The winning entries are listed at the end of this dev blog in no particular order.

The 30 winning names will go into a pool which we will allocate to the new meeting rooms once the internal layout of our new office is finalised. Depending on how many meeting rooms we end up with, it may be that not all 30 will end up being used. Any winners whose names are not used will still receive their artwork prizes. The 30 winners will have the PLEX reward credited to their accounts soon™.

We also reserve the right to edit the submissions before they go on to the final artwork for spelling, grammar and brevity. Some of the entries below have already been partially edited.

Thanks to everyone who entered! It’s obvious your spaceships mean a lot to you and having your stories permanently displayed on the walls of our meeting rooms will serve as a reminder to us just how deep our players’ connection to EVE Online truly is.

There will be a further update on this contest next year once we start fitting out the meeting rooms in our new offices.

Winning submissions:

Golem submitted by John Holt:

I began EVE as a mission runner and used the missions to build faction within the Caldari Empire. I went through many ships and many fits but none taught me more about fitting a ship for myself than the pinnacle of Caldari battleships: the Golem. I ended up with a cap stable build that no mission could break. May the room named Golem symbolize the unbreakable spirit of EVE Online.

Kronos submitted by Buoytender Bob:

As a long term mission runner, my ultimate goal was to find and fly a ship that would maximize those aspects I most enjoyed. At the time, level 4 missions were end game PvE content for HS and I was looking for a ship that could handle anything thrown at it. Started with a Rattlesnake, but found the cargo hold too small. Tried the Golem, better, but still no “tingle”. Kept looking at the Kronos, but I had always been a railgun snob. My first run with blasters,salvage drones, and a MTU gave me that missing “tingle”.

Heron submitted by Devola Gestalt:

Some capsuleers dream of their own mighty Titan. Others prefer their high-tech T2/T3 ships. All I ask, is a Heron. By the richness she found, she turned the poor rookie I was into a wealthy capsuleer. Through the wormholes she explored, she brought me to the most isolated and guarded places of New Eden. Through the chains she mapped, she provided safe and fast travel to many fleets. Through the solar systems she scouted, she found fighting opportunities for my corpmates. Many pilots only see an unattractive beginner ship in the Heron. To me, she is the ship of my adventures, a ship of opportunities, and shall remain so as long as I wander New Eden.

Svipul submitted by Logan Zauber:

Valkyries are women warriors, perhaps daughters of Odin. Valkyries choose who will die in battle, Valkyries bear the glorious to Valhalla. Svipul is a famous Valkyrie, a powerful woman, a hand of fate. The amazing little Svipul destroyer finds opportunity with it’s powerful probes. With speed, agility, pilot skill and powerful cannons, the Svipul sweeps all of space reaping bounties, loot and the salty tears of opposing pilots. Larger ships may fall, smaller ships are snacks. Svipul: she fights hard to the very end even drained of capacitor. Some will go to Valhalla, after all. She is a woman, she is the way to Valhalla, she is Svipul.

Providence submitted by Carbon Alabel:

Freighters might not be the most exciting ships to fly, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Freighters are what make the universe run. The Providence isn’t the best freighter by most measures. It’s not the fastest, not the sturdiest, nor capable of carrying the most cargo. This might lead some to dismiss the Providence as useless, but I find it inspiring. Instead of chasing perfection and always trying to beat everyone else, just be your best self. One thing it is, is the most beautiful ship, and also the namesake of my home region.

Venture submitted by Abe Nobunaga:

The Venture is the fundamental bedrock of all mining in EVE. It is your first real mining ship and it will take you to your future in mining. Weather you are a casual or a pro miner, the Venture accommodates your needs while it brings you face to face with the hard choices that limited options bring. This iconic ship will go with you wherever in EVE you choose and will not let you down while you respect its abilities. The economy of EVE and your financial success begins with your first Venture.

Stratios submitted by Dante Thorann:

When you have a task to be done - be it finding something new, or dealing with a “problem” - this is the ship you can rely on. A ship that is designed to brave come what may, for however long it takes, is a ship worth flying. Agility, efficiency, resilience. Characteristics that are essential to find success, are found in the Stratios - making the ship an embodiment of some of the best traits that exists in all of us. The ship was also made to aid those that seek without giving up; the extension of a stubborn mind. If adventures comes knocking, I hope I’m in the Stratios.

Rifter submitted by Tater-nuts:

Perhaps the most iconic T1 frigate to ever be introduced to the game. When I started playing EvE back in about 9 years ago the Rifter was one of the most widely used frigates in the game and especially used in pvp. I used the Rifter to cut my teeth in the pvp world, venturing into low sec to be blown up time after time by more experienced players. These experiences taught me a lot about EvE Online and eventually held my own in single combat, with the knowledge gained from those early experiences. Even today with all the fancy Faction, Trig and T2 frigates, I still fly the Rifter as much or perhaps more than any other frigate out there. The Rifter is a classic ship that will always have a place in my heart and remind me of those early days, just starting out in the cold, harsh world known as EvE Online.

Vexor submitted by Jayden Thomas:

When I undocked my first Gallente Vexor in June of YC110, with a full drone bay and those expensive Gauss guns loaded on the top rack, I immediately went out looking for a fight. I felt strong, and I wanted to test this new instrument of destruction which I had spent a rather uncomfortable amount of my mission rewards on. My first engagement was a humbling experience to say the least, but as my capsule entered warp and I left the scene of my Vexor’s annihilation a flame was kindled in my heart, and from that moment on I have been a helpless slave to the amazing thrill of space warfare.

Sunesis submitted by Jiang Ziwen:

I use the Sunesis because it allows me to loot, salvage, and stay on the edge of major fleet fights. The tremendous cargo space and short align time with the proper modules have made it a staple at Razor and XIX fights. I thought that the Sunesis would be a great name for the new room because to me it embodies the precedence set by CCP in that they would much rather sit by the sidelines and observe the action, rather than directly controlling the flow of it.

Phoenix submitted by Seraph Essael:

What better name than something that is reborn from its old self. CCP have a new “reborn” HQ, a new vision and a new set of times ahead of them, much like a Phoenix. There is simply no other choice. The Phoenix was the first ship in the game that I needed to fly, simply because of what it is. It is the only Dreadnought that looks like it fits its role: A great lumbering behemoth, armoured on every inch and ready to hunker down in place and hammer into the enemy... repeatedly.

Raven submitted by Pyrohawk Z:

My first waking moments in New Eden - 7 years ago - were spent in Lonetrek, doing level 3 and 4 combat missions in our beloved Drake. I had always coveted the Raven! The big boy boat! but, to the advice of my corp-mates, I never bought one as I wouldn’t be able to fly it. I dreamt of flying the majestic Raven, or better yet, the navy version - but my wallet and skills never allowed for it. Seven years later, I invented a fitting that let me run the ultimate missions - level 5s - using a Raven. I had surpassed my old corpmates. I had surpassed everyone, even the marauder pilots! The cycle was complete! I finally had my Raven, and i was making BANK! Enough bank to whelp many, many ships to lowsec FW gangs! My time in EVE had ascended! I finally had true freedom, all thanks to the humble Raven, which I had my eyes on since day one.

Occator submitted by Othello Warspite:

To me, the Occator represents friendship. Not just because you can open the fleet hanger for your friends to deposit loot into, or because you can move even a battleship hull for your friends with it, but because I made the off-hand remark that I could build a T2 Industrial. “Occator!” typed my friend. I mentioned I could technically fly Transport Ships, but for lacking any Industrial 5 skills. “OCCATOR!” Ayra Kyari reminded me. This is why you should have an Occator room: to honor friendship among capsuleers as one of the foundations of EVE.

Comet submitted by Rixx Javix:

The Federation Navy Comet was the ship that introduced me to Piracy and I’ve spent years perfecting fits, tactics, and ways to win fights flying this extraordinarily good Frigate. When I was with the Tuskers I helped develop the modern version of the ship that went on to become extremely popular with pilots everywhere, since then it has become so popular that its effectiveness in Low Security space has diminished. Nevertheless it remains that ship I’ve registered the most kills flying and push come to shove, even today, I would still take one up against any other ship in its class. With confidence.

Cynabel submitted by Zorg Emperor:

As a pirate, this killing machine is best flown while I am wearing my teeth and bones necklace with my wars tattoos on the face. I can feel the power of the ship trough my hands while I am at the helm of it about to fall on a poor innocent. To kill it in cold blood, steal his loot and salvage his wreck. Cynabal pilot once, cynabal pilot for ever.

Scimitar by Celebrin Shoaf:

I had to grow into the Scimitar, but with the Scimitar you are there for your fleet, there to help them succeed. It’s a ship that is built around selflessness and making sure everyone gets home safely. So, it would be a great name for a room in your HQ. It reflects CCPs drive to make a better game year after year, often with little recognition.

Maelstrom submitted by Dyson Bowyer:

I lead my new corp through a large combat site, which we had never done before, with my Maelstrom. There were only five of us; me in my Maelstrom, one cruiser, two destroyers, and a frigate. I tanked everything with my Maelstrom and my shield tank never went down. We had lots of fun, made loads of ISK, and we never lost a ship with my Maelstrom tanking. We ran lots of other combat sites, but they never wanted to run one without “Mjolnir” (my Maelstrom) being there.

Friendship submitted by Lance Jamtonio:

Without Friendship EVE online as we know it wouldn’t exist, even as players leave for new corporations or alliances the friendship can often remain between the vast reaches of space. The Friendship is not a flyable ship however it is a major part of all EVE players journeys through New Eden. The best ship in EVE is the Friendship.

Hecate submitted by Exonfang:

The Hecate is the antithesis to the diplomat life, and so has quickly become my solo ship of choice. Fit for maximum damage (and maximum hope), with nothing but the honorable hull tank — the Hecate lets the blasters do all the talking. There’s nothing more satisfying than overheating everything and ramming into a cruiser, locking them down, strong-arming their rep, and obliterating them in seconds. No time to call for backup, no time to negotiate, words will do you no good.

Algos submitted by Veskin Sentinel:

I was in that ship when I witnessed the assassination of Empress Jamyl. Back then, at the event, I could really feel the horror and despair of the Amarr, the loyalists fleet scrambling to stop the Drifters, the chaos that broke. The invaders strike was swift. The memory still burns brightly.

Megathron submitted by baltec1:

The Megathron holds a special place in my hanger as my ship of choice for, well, damn near anything. I have pushed the hull to it’s absolute limitations time after time and it has never failed to live up to the challenge. From drag racing frigates to slugging it out with titans the ship has managed, with some creativity, to do it all. It has also had a profound impact on how I play the game, challenging me to come up with new and interesting ways to adapt. From dronelands to delve, from Iceland to Vegas the Megathron has taken me to places I never expected. I owe all of my success in EVE to this ship.

Astero submitted by Katia Sae:

I was well into my journey of exploring New Eden one system at a time when the Sisters of Eve ships were released. I immediately fell in love with the style of the Astero, the silhouette was gorgeous. Quick to acquire her on my return to exploration in March of 2014, I named my Astero “Voyager” and with her completed Empire space in July of 2014 before switching up to a different hull for Null Sec. However, “Voyager” did once again fly on March 20th, 2019 when I was invited to tour Polaris with CCP Falcon after the completion of my journey. It seemed only fitting and appropriate, sporting the “One New Eden” skin, she set sail once more to discover Polaris.

Buzzard submitted by Brother Zoo:

Out in the inky darkness of space. Through a wormhole to an unknown place. Seeking riches in the deafening silence. Heart pounding, expecting violence. Probes out and scanning the system. No one home (unless I missed them). Warp in and start cracking the code. Open! And I hit the mother lode. 143m in loot, Bob are you joking? Then the sound of a proteus uncloaking. -Daytrippers Lament

Tengu submitted by Hemicuda:

Few capsuleers would make claims of another hull being it’s equal, fewer still it’s better. Since it emerged in New Eden it has been a workhorse of perfection. Resilient and adaptable, the capabilities of this ship far surpass that of any similar hull. Limited only by the creativity of it’s pilot, the Tengu has long been the single answer for the most common question in Eve Online; “What ship should I use?”

Typhoon submitted by Drauqhk Shathet:

Years ago, when I was but a week or two in pod, I was brought under the wing of another pilot. He mentored me, advised me, showed me how to find a path to my own ends, and along the way, he gifted me with a Typhoon. I was entirely unskilled and could in no way pilot it, or afford it myself, but with it sitting in my hangar, I was always reminded to continue on, to strive to pilot it and well enough to not lose it in a few seconds of battle. Since then, I have always kept a Typhoon close at hand, as they will always remind me of the friendship, cooperation, struggles and aspirations of being a pilot in New Eden.

Viator submitted by Pierian Shawcross:

Courier hauling requires preparation, intelligence, and cunning. Done correctly, it is a quiet business with few stories to tell other than some interesting places visited and some adventurous escapes. Done poorly, it ensures personal poverty and gives ganks and griefers their daily loot haul. Professional haulers seek to deny pirates their loot while risking billions of ISK in collateral to make millions in reward. The small-volume high-risk courier contracts must flow.

Bellicose submitted by Darius Mirat:

My first cruiser back in 2006/2007 and my first Low-Sec Belt-Ratting experience. Silly me used a jammer to jam the rats when suddenly another player showed up. We were exchanging salvos back and forth and through pure luck the rat switched target and attacked him instead of my poorly outfitted ship. After a minute or two, his ship exploded although he wasn’t tackled and I had my first PVP experience and my first EVE-Shake. I think it was this encounter which kept me in the game. The thrill of real PVP.

Hyperion submitted by Fuyuki Kisaragi:

Many solar cycles ago, I had just undergone the capsuleer procedure and was exploring the vast galaxy of new opportunities that had been opened to me. I was heading back to a station after a mining op in my little Venture. Then something happened that would change me forever. As I exited warp, a massive signature suddenly appeared on my scanners. As the interference from the warp died down, I found myself before a massive Hyperion...I was awestruck. As it slowly glided from the station, something within me awakened. “One day, I too will be the proud pilot of such a colossus!” I thought to myself. And to this day, that passion continues to drive me as I write my legacy among the stars.

Revelation submitted by Chribba:

From the idea to prove that even a solo player could pilot and mine in one of the (at the time) biggest of warships in New Eden. During YC107 I set out on the mission to get a Revelation built. During November in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy, component by component, the ship started to take form until its completion. On November 27th YC107 at 04:38 the alarm was set and the skill ‘Amarr Dreadnought Lv1’ completed, seconds later, the Revelation was piloted for the first time. The ship officially turned into ‘The Veldnaught’ around 04:55 as its first Modulated Deep Core Miner II’s and accompanying Veldspar crystals were fitted. Thus completing my goal and making history.

Manticore submitted by Laxyr:

The Lai Dai Manticore, T2 variant of the Kestrel, was the very first ship in New Eden to spark my desire. The road to satisfying this desire tested a character trait which should turn out to be a necessity for Manticore pilots: patience. As a stealth bomber pilot, you need to remember that your ship is little more than a cloaked ammunition depot, as far as physics is concerned. A volatile system that requires only slight encouragement to severely and suddenly increase its entropy. Boldness and audacity, as desirable and necessary as they are for many tasks, are thus no virtues to the stealth bomber pilot. Instead, be patient, remain vigilant and control your temper.