Network Infrastructure and Database Updates Complete | EVE Online

Network Infrastructure and Database Updates Complete

2007-01-05 - By Svarthol

The network infrastructure changes have been completed and Tranquility has returned to full service. A list of yesterday's tasks included:

  • The addition of more multihoming capability for Tranquility,
  • Replacment of older routers, switches and load balancers with new equipment,
  • Upgrade to Cisco Bladecenter architecture, thus providing a roughly 700 Gb backbone in the data center,
  • Installion of a new service pack for the Tranquility database, and
  • The addition of 6 new servers for present and future improvements of the Billing system.

There remain some lingering issues with load balancing for the EVE Online and My EVE websites as well as some system to user e-mail service, such as trial account cd-key forwarding and forum warning notification. The server team is continuing their efforts to resolve these issues and restore full service.