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Network Launched to Relay Nation Assault Intelligence

2010-12-07 - By Svarthol

Oruse, Solitude - A corporation named The Roaches have created a communication channel for pilots to transmit and gather intelligence regarding Sansha's Nation invasions.

The channel, named "SANSHA RETALIATION" was launched at the start of this week and has since grown in popularity among those who are fighting against the Sansha Nation forces.

Deathforu, a member of The Roaches, explained what the channel meant to him. “This channel represents some of the best corps in [New Eden]. I see a lot of friendships and more future joint ops coming from this.”

The intelligence channel, having only been launched this week, has yet to prove itself as a useful source of information, which was reflected in one capsuleer’s comment, “I see potential, we're not there yet, but there is potential."

The "SANSHA RETALIATION" channel joins older intel channels sych as SYNEPublic and the regional intelligence channels which were founded to avoid politically-difficult situations between hostile fleets during incursions: Falanx (Gallente Federation), Mikeb Temple (Amarr Empire), Heiian College (Caldari State) and RSDI (Minmatar Republic).

GalNet References

Nation War of Resurgence - While not up to date at present, contains a useful summary of the early events of the war.

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