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New Chronicle: Under the Sea, the City

2008-11-26 - By Svarthol

Since the recapture of Caldari Prime, life has not been easy for resident Gallentians. Repression is an understatement, and political prisoners and other miscreants are being sent to a repurposed underwater city against their will. With an ever-growing population, one can't help but wonder: what goes on down there? Would you really want to know?

In his latest Chronicle, "Under the Sea, the City," Abraxas puts us in the shoes of an anonymous Caldari operative as he roughs up a Gallente citizen who may or may not have something up his sleeve.

This is a new EVE Chronicle. They are short-stories written by CCP Abraxas, published every other Monday, and intended to examine the various aspects of life in New Eden. The entire list is contained here.

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