New Eden Poker Organization Supplies Vangel as Top Prize in Tournament | EVE Online

New Eden Poker Organization Supplies Vangel as Top Prize in Tournament

2011-08-07 - By Svarthol

Luminaire, Essence – Eve Online Hold'Em Poker [EOH] will be giving away one of the Alliance Tournament IX prize vessels, the Vangel Amarrian Cruiser, as top prize in a multi-table poker tournament to be held tonight.

The special 30 man multi-table tournament will begin on August 7th at 22:00 New Eden time, in celebration of EOH reaching 30,000 account registrations over the past three years.

The capsuleer in first place will receive a Vangel, with second prize being 12 Pilot Licence Extensions, and third prize being 6 Pilot Licence Extensions. The remaining 27 capsuleers will also win a prize, ranging from a Bhaalgorn to a Cruor. To enter, capsuleers had to have played on EOH between Friday 29th July and Saturday 6th August. 30 of those players have been chosen at random to participate in the multi-table tournament.

Speaking to EOH owner Selene D'Celeste, she explained why she chose a Vangel as the top prize, "the Vangel is one of the nicest looking ships to come out of the Alliance Tournaments, and it is also very new. This makes it a very nice choice as a prize." When asked if 30 man multi-tables were typically hosted by EOH, Selene replied, "we regularly host multi-table events in our EVE Series of Poker games, though these rarely fill up to the full 30 players."

Capsuleer Ryan526, player of EOH, stated his thoughts about the game, "it's awesome, lose some win some, lots of fun. The amounts of isk people gamble with is crazy."

Selene concluded that although a lot of ISK goes into the competitions, "they're worth every penny because of how much fun it is to run and watch these events."

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