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New Eden Radio Celebrates First Anniversary

2009-08-30 - By Svarthol

Monday, August 31st marks the one year anniversary of New Eden Radio.

New Eden Radio [NER] was founded by Tempest3K with the help of Codey28. Run solely by volunteers, they attempt to provide music, news, information and entertainment to the New Eden community.

Tempest3K explained how New Eden Radio was born: "New Eden Radio came about mainly through myself and a couple of other staff just generally chatting about the fact that there wasn’t a station concentrating on New Eden and it’s community as a whole. We saw lots of alliance stations... but none aimed solely at the community and only interested in entertaining them rather than making something from it. So, we decided we'd give it a shot and see what happened."

With the station relying entirely on donations, Tempest3K revealed the importance of listener generosity: "Some people have said it's a foolish move, others say it's brave. For me, it's probably a bit of both. Running a station like this is an expensive business, You have a lot of costs to consider and if it wasn't for listener donations, we wouldn't be able to provide the quality of service we currently do 24/7 but we are running very much on a budget and manage to keep our costs to below a third of similar stations."

On the birthday weekend itself, New Eden Radio has a number of prizes, including ISK, PLEXS and roughly 1000 ships up for grabs with some individual DJ's running their own competitions: "The main thing for our weekend, is for listeners and the staff to just get into New Eden, tune in, and have some fun!" Tempest3K told us.

With the weekend building up to the main show on Monday at 19:00 Tempest3K revealed his hopes for the big moment and also the immediate future of the station: "We are hoping that our new website will be ready for my show at 1900 Monday. It's in final testing at the moment and if things check out, I will be unveiling it. As for my show, it's going to be a look back over some of the events and music of the past year....and a teaser for what we have planned for the next one."

He also told us about the station's plans for the upcoming Alliance Tournament: "We're currently working on getting our news team running and preparing for our coverage of AT7, which we hope will be bigger and better than AT6. I'll be dropping some more hints on what to expect during Monday's show."

With everything planned Tempest3K wanted to finish by thanking the listeners: "I'd just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past year and say that we look forward to entertaining you in the future."

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