New Features, Config Changes and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

New Features, Config Changes and Bug Fixes

2003-07-03 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

New Features / Configuration Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Loot tables of NPC Pirate has had a major change, alot of modules were missing from gameplay and have now been added to pirate loot. Some pirates were also dropping too strong modules to frequently, this has been fixed.
  • Some pirates now have the chance of using stasis web when fighting players.
  • Pirates owned by "EVE System" were not giving security changes when killed, they should now. These are generally found in scenarios where there is no set owner.
  • Police idling nearby will now attack people who lose security status rather than just sitting there.
  • In any system where there is a police presence of any given type, one "squad" of those police will now idle near a nearby stargate or station.
  • Police now remember players who stargate jump away or disconnect for 15 minutes. Even if they wouldn't be pursued based on their standings and security status, if they were pursued for some reason within this time and return, they will be pursued again.
  • NPCs should no longer consider anything they launch into space (their own missiles) as possible targets to attack.
  • When a player destroyed all the police pursuing him, reinforcements were not assigned and the player was left alone. This had broken at some stage and is now fixed.
  • Pirates owned by "EVE System" were not giving security changes when killed, they should now. These are generally found in scenarios where there is no set owner.
  • If you waited outside the range of a pirate group after being involved in combat with them and they warp away, your targets wouldn't be cleared properly and your targeting capacity would be used up. This should be fixed.
  • Incidences of not getting or being incorrectly given NPC pirate kill bounties should be reduced.
  • NPCs were attacking missiles launched by their fellow group members who had been destroyed since the time they launched the missile as they didn't remember the destroyed NPC was an ally. This should no longer happen.
  • NPCs were warp scrambling anything they attacked, they should now only warp scramble those things they attack that can actually warp.
  • Stargate and station sentry guns in systems with 0.45 or higher security level now attack players who come within range and have -5 (or lower) security status.
  • Sentry guns around stations now attack people within range who lose or recently lost standing from the corporation that owns them or the faction that the owning corporation belongs to.
  • Sentry guns around stargates now attack people within range who lose or recently lost standing from the corporation that owns them or the faction that owns the solarsystem.
  • Pirates now have less of a chance of using stasis web on players.

Modules / Ammo

  • Named projectile weapons that are dropped off pirates have had alot of name changing. Some of them had names that confused players, players will now know right away which weapon they have found - projectiles that players have already have also changed.
  • "Meta" type afterburners have been nerfed, the ones that were dropping of NPC pirates were giving enhancement up to 50%, the max has been reduced to 20% as it's the same for most other "Meta" types.
  • 1400mm Howitzer Artillery now has skill requirement "Large Projectile Turret" instead of "Small Projectile Turret".
  • Fixed incorrect ROF (rate of fire) values for: 250mm Artillery, Quad Light Pulse Laser, 650mm Artillery, 720mm Artillery, 800mm Artillery, 1200mm Artillery and 1400mm Howitzer.
  • Light hybrid blasters have gotten an increase in fall off.
  • About all turrets have had their tracking speed altered for changes in the physic engine. Turrets will be more affected by size and transversal speed of objects. Mostly meaning that long range cannons will have hard time tracking in close combat.
  • Ion Blasters and Neutron Blasters have had their attributes swapped as the Neutron Blaster is much more valuable item, the Neutron Blaster should now be considered as more powerful weapon by players.
  • With the range modifiers finally kicking in; we have tuned the range modifiers a bit. High end ammo have a bit less range decrease than they had on their description, while less valued ammo now get a damage increase.
  • Dual Heavy Ion Blaster had an increase in damage modification from 0.625 to 1.25.
  • The Hybrid blasters; Neutron and Ion have had their damage modifier swapped. The Neutron blasters requires much more power to use and should have had the damage modifier that the Ion blaster had.
  • Beam lasers are now tinted according to the frequency crystal loaded to the energy turret.
  • Volume of projectile ammo and hybrid ammo takes 10 times less capacity from your cargo hold, hybrid and projectile weapons have been tuned for this as well, so they just cost less space now.
  • Magnetic Field Stabilizer added to market.
  • Volume for all modules has been decreased, players will be able to do pirate hunting for a longer time, specially in deep space.
  • Ammo capacity has been fixed (decreased to it's true value) for "meta" projectile and hybrid weapons.
  • Use of stasis web modules is now classified as an offensive action (in the same way that activating a weapon on someone is).
  • Use of jump scrambler modules is now classified as an offensive action (in the same way that activating a weapon on someone is).
  • Made a fix to ammo reloading, if you have more ammo in a weapon than there should be because of weapon balancing that happened after you last loaded it, the reloading of that weapon won't break.
  • Mining lasers will no longer transfer ore from the asteroid they are mining if when they go to do so, the ship they are fitted on has strayed farther than their mining range during the activation period.
  • Rare drop smart bombs, sensor backup arrays, eccms, ecms, eccm projectors, shield amplifiers and shield hardeners now have bonuses as they were suposed to have.
  • Fixed incorrect damage modification by 0.1 for Gyrostabilizer I and rare drops that were based on this module.
  • Duration of Invulnerability Field (Shield Hardener) has been lowered to 2.5 seconds, and the other shield hardeners had their duration lowered to 10 seconds.
  • Capacitor batteries, shield extenders and shield transporters of medium and large size have gotten an increase in value.
  • Armor Platings now need to be put online to have an effect on armor resistance.
  • Medium and large projectile turrets were able to take more ammo then they were suposed to be able, they are now able to take as much as small projectile turrets of same kind.
  • Cruise missiles and torpedos have gotten an increase in damage.
  • The optimum range of projectile and hybrid weapons is now modified according to the type of ammo loaded into them.
  • New Module: Energized Armor Plating, has similar effect as normal armor plating but increase the resistance more but instead they use power and cpu. These modules will only be available through pirate loot for now.
  • New Module: Reinforced Armor Plates, these modules give more hit points to armor. These modules will only be available through pirate loot for now.
  • Capacitor Boosters have had their duration reduced and also their capacity increased to carry more booster charges. Bigger charges have also been added and can be found in pirate loot to begin with.
  • The optimum range of energy weapons is now modified according to the type of frequency crystal loaded into them
  • Medium and large hybrid cannons had more hybrid ammo capacity then they were suposed to, fixed.
  • Hybrid weapons now have less capacitor usage, people should be able to keep on firing with hybrid weapons for a longer time.
  • Volume of missiles has been reduces by 50%, capacity of missile launchers has been changed to take same amount of missiles as it used to do. This will only affect cargo capacity.
  • Volume of all modules in game has been reduced a-lot, players should be able to do more deep space pirate hunting with out having to return back home to unload after each fight.


  • Minmatar cruisers and battleships have had their speed bonus removed, instead they will get much more base speed and now also ROF bonus (Rate of Fire) for projectile weapons per navigation skill level. This does not apply for Minmatar frigates.
  • Thorax, Rupture got an "25" increase and the Vexor got an "50" increase in powercore.
  • Amarr shuttle no longer flies backwards.
  • Disconnecting should now result in your ships shield, armor, structure and module damages saving correctly. This fixes the bug where logging out and back in would result in a completely restored ship.


  • Extra agent missions have been added which give new agents as a reward. This should insure that all agents will give another next-level agent as a reward eventually.
  • Rebalanced agent mission rewards. They are now considerably higher. Later high end items will be available as rewards through high level agent missions.
  • Auto assign agent now triggers with standing >= 2 on 30% of all level 1 non-jove agents.
  • The missions which give a new agent as reward are now much more likely to be given to you immediately after completing the requirements.
  • Black Market system has been implemented. Some agents will now sell or buy items on the Black Market through the Agent Dialog (accessed like you were trying to get a mission.) These agents will only deal with players who have a higher than average standing towards them. Currently the black market is only available for slavers, but more content will be added in later.
  • Pirate kill missions given by agents should now be more reliable hopefully fixing the rare case where they don't spawn.

World Map

  • "My assets" now available as a view option in World Map, enabling you to highlight systems whose stations you have assets at.
  • You can now set destination and bookmark from asset manager window.
  • Map no longer breaks down when unreachable waypoints are set (Such as routes to Jove space set by non-Jove characters). Also: Jump counts are now indicated on waypoint markers in map.
  • Agent names in World Map are now correct.
  • Waypoint routes are now colored by the security status of the solarsystems they pass through.


  • Skills should now be far less prone to error in training.
  • 'Completion imminent' in skill training should take far less time.
  • The damage combat drones do should now by adjusted by their owner's Heavy Drone Operation skill, should they have it.
  • Positive security status changes from combat are now effected by the Fast Talk skill.
  • Shield Emmission Systems skill now loweres capacitor use for items that use this skill.
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation was giving 10% bonus decreasing chance of damage seeping through shield to the armor and structure per skill level, this has been changed to 5% as the description says.
  • Rapid Firing skill now stacks it's effect per level, as it should have been doing.
  • Small, Medium and Large turret skills were stacking for damage modification on weapons, fixed this.
  • Surgical Strike was affecting damage modification on basic gyrostabilizer, heat sinks and magnetic field stabilizers. We have fixed this.
  • Energy Pulse Weapons skill was not decreasing the activation delay of smart bombs, fixed.
  • Heavy missile skill now gives 5% bonus to velocity as the description for it says.

Other Changes

  • The "Surrender" button should now be functional
  • A few "highway stargates" have been build for jumps from the CONCORD Headquarter to the Empire home systems, and there from to other important regions of the Empire space.
  • Various crash bugs with the previous build have been fixed. There may still be a few crash to desktop bugs out there, and we would very much like to recieve the .dmp files from those who are crashing alot. But it would always be advisable to deal with our customer support team first, often these issues are related to incompatible drivers or hardware which we do not support.
  • When you are in a capsule you no longer have the menu option to lock a target.
  • There was a bracket problems which made it almost impossible to get the right click popup menu to appear. This has been fixed.
  • If a mine explodes a second mine with its explosion, the second mine will no longer be able to explode the first mine a second time leading to the first mine trying to explode the second mine a second time and so on, ad infinitum.
  • If a player logs out from space while in, or having recently been in combat, their ship will actually be removed from space after 2 minutes instead of the standard 1 minute. This is to make it harder to use "logging out in combat" as a means to escape from your enemy.