New Features, Config Changes and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

New Features, Config Changes and Bug Fixes

2003-09-17 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

New Features / Configuration Changes and Bug Fixes


  • You can now anchor secure cargo containers. These are the only items at the moment which are anchorable on Tranquility. Note: Secure cargo containers will not be secure unless they are anchored. Anchoring them requires the anchoring skill.
  • Billboards now show random bounties, not just the highest ones.
  • Gallente Station 5 now has proper collision model and docking radius.
  • Removed the drone incapacitation and scooping from the inflight section of the newly created characters' tutorial encounter.
  • Boarding another ship in space will now stop your old ship rather than leaving it speeding off into the great unknown.
  • Ctrl-F9 toggles UI display on/off.
  • The orbit menu has had changes in distances suitable for orbiting. Instead of the 1km, 10km, 100km options are now: 500m, 1km, 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km & 30km. Orbit mode has been changed to be physically correct and combat friendly. This means that orbit speed is greater and pursuit while in orbit is feasible.
  • Bracket colouring for corporation members and outlaws has been changed so that the colour will now appear inside the bracket. Members in corporation in war with you will now also appear as orange instead of red like outlaws.
  • Pilots can now put names on their cargo containers. Cargo container contents are updated correctly for all pilots. Cargo containers will give an error message if someone without ownership rights attempts to set a password.


  • There are a few missions in the game now which give implants as a reward. These missions are handed out by some level 3 agents when certain requirements are met.
  • Items can now be selected from multiple loot tables joined together in agent mission item generation.
  • The time bonus rewards have been added to the "ally in need" missions (at level 3), and the objectives are not as expensive anymore. These missions used to not be worth it compared to lower level missions.
  • A few new missions have been added that give rare modules as reward. Most are level 3, but occasionally you might come across these missions from level 1 or 2 agents.
  • The names of some of the NPC kill mission targets have been edited to be more appropriate for their mission.
  • Increased the difficulty of some existing level 2 and 3 agent NPC kill missions.


  • The damage messages you get will now indicate whether they were splash damage or not. When splash damage from something you own initiates aggression against someone, you now get a message stating this. The message will be something akin to: "You have initiated aggression against VICTIM because of the splash damage your WEAPON did."
  • If a missile does not collide and it has flown as far as it can after it's launched, it will be imploded and will cause no damage. This should help prevent accidental and unintended splash damage.
  • Aggression against mines is now ignored in all cases. The previous fix was insufficient to allow the legal cleaning up of other peoples' mines.


  • Gang effects should now get applied correctly. A skill's gang effect bonus is now calculated from the gang member that has the highest level in that skill in the solar system, rather than the gang leader.


  • Military faction police will no longer attack pilots based on the faction standing of their corporation.
  • The armor value for Serpentis Drug Couriers has been reduced.
  • Stations and stargates owned by NPC factions will now have sentry gun defenses.
  • Sentry guns that attack players when the player loses security status within 100k of them (if player is within range) will now broadcast a warning message like the police do.
  • Sentry guns that attack players when the player loses standing from their faction within 100k of them (if player is within range) will now broadcast a warning message like the police do.
  • Sentry guns that attack players who enter their proximity range with a security status that makes them a criminal in that solar system will now broadcast a warning message like the police do.
  • NPC station/stargate sentry guns will no longer attack players that come within range because their corporation has low security status.
  • NPC pirate weapons have been upgraded to player level of tuned weapons. They will be dealing more damage reflective of the upgrade to the base damage of player weapons.


  • The duration of insurance coverage has been expanded from one week to three weeks with no price increase.
  • CPU has been boosted for the Apocalypse, Megathron and Tempest. The Megathron also got a small boost in power output. The Typhoon and Tempest were given a small speed boost. An additional slot was added to the Megathron, Apocalypse, Raven and Tempest.
  • The maximum targeting range for some frigates has been altered a bit to correct electronic warfare frigates not having enough range and a few of other classes having too long range.
  • The Punisher now receives the proper bonus to capacitor recharge time.


  • Armor repair units can now be used while warping.
  • Duration of armor repairers has been changed from 30 to 15 seconds. The amount repaired has been increased significantly. They repair more than shield boosters compared to capacitor usage, but can be much harder to use in combat because of long duration.
  • Non-repeatable modules, such as the cloaking device, no longer have an option to "Set autorepeat on."
  • Modules that were multiplying the same attributes were causing extreme results when filling up to 8 slots of the same module. Stacking results have been reduced to correct this. Modules that will be affected by this are: damage modifiers, tracking computers & enhancers, sensor dampeners & boosters, shield hardeners & amplifiers, shield boost amplifiers and armor enhancing modules.
  • Rare drop types of CPU enhancers were giving higher bonuses to the type they were bound to than intended. This has been corrected and they will give the proper bonuses now.
  • If you have incapacitated drones nearby in space and you launch too many more active ones, as the number present increases, feedback causes the incapacitated ones to disintegrate.
  • Drones were given a little boost in damage ouput, defense resistance and hit points. In addition, they will now fly at longer range from targets so there will be a less chance of missiles damaging drones on targets.
  • The displayed capacity of the drone bay of ships that were not active has been fixed in the station interface. Previously, it was using the capacity of the cargo bay instead of what it should be using.
  • Tracking speed of large and medium turrets is a bit higher now so that people won't have as much problem hitting other ships within their optimal range. This will apply primarily to artilleries and railguns.
  • Turrets that are considered to be the lowest damage dealers in each size have gotten a damage increase. Many players did not use these weapons since the highest damage dealers of the size below were dealing same damage.
  • Projectile weapons have been given a boost in damage output and will be considered as deadly as other turrets. Minmatar ships that get a bonus for these turrets will notice this more than others.
  • Projectile Turrets: Dual 650mm Artillery and 800mm Artillery have been changed into Repeating Artilleries. From now on they will behavie as Auto Cannons.
  • Large lasers got a little change of style. The dual heavy pulse/beams are similar to focused pulse/beam and mega pulse/beams are similar to the heavy pulse/beam. Tachyon Beam is now a unique weapon of the laser group, dealing more damage than other lasers and costing more energy. Powergrid usage has also been increased for large lasers.
  • Damage output in all laser weapons has been increased, though the firing speed in some has been decreased. Also, overall optimal range has been increased and fall-off decreased.
  • The neutron blaster damage output has been increased.
  • Longer-range missiles have undergone many changes. They are still slower at accelerating than others, but get more maximum range and have a bigger area of effect damage range. They are still very dangerous and should not be used in close range.
  • The explosion delay of rockets has been increased. They will last longer than before until giving up on reaching target.
  • The heavy launcher and the siege launcher are now shooting faster than before. Heavy launcher (18-sec base delay before) and siege launcher (24-sec base delay before) both have 16-second base delay now. The siege launcher still costs a lot of power to fit; the power requirement was changed from 1350 to 1000 and CPU requirement from 110 to 80.
  • Missiles could not collide and explode on anything the person who launched them owned. Now they should be able to collide with things belonging to their owner, but only if they were specifically launched at the given thing.
  • All missile types have been decreased in volume by a division of 5 (i.e. torpedoes used to be 10 volume, is 2 in volume now.) Players will be able to carry more missiles with them. Launchers have also been updated to take the same amount of missiles as before.
  • All missile types have been decreased a bit in hit points. One defender missile should be able to take out any type of missile and large smart bombs will also be able to take out any type of missile. This was done because of the speed increase of the missiles and the difficulty in countering them.
  • The fitting requirements for smart bombs have been lowered and some have been given damage upgrades.
  • Shield Hardeners that boosted one's resistance attribute have been reduced from a 70% increase to a 50% increase. These modules are not size-based and battleships with many medium slots were able to make them immune to any damage type.
  • Medium, large and extra large shield boosters have been given increases in boosted and capacitor usage. They still boost the same amount compared to capacitor usage, but should be able to heal ships faster than before.
  • Shield boosters should now boost at the start of their duration rather than at the end.
  • Shield power relay I and other rare drops of this type were marked as Tech Level 2, but were in fact Tech Level 1. The descriptions have been corrected.
  • Sensor Dampeners now have graphic effects


  • Ore can now be refined in a station via the right click context menu.
  • Mineral manufacturing requirement of missiles has been considerably decreased. All missiles will now be manufactured in stacks of 10, like light missiles and rockets.


  • The following items have been added to the market: Large EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint, Large Graviton Smartbomb I Blueprint, Large Photon Smartbomb I Blueprint, Large Plasma Smartbomb I Blueprint, Large Shield Booster I Blueprint, Xlarge Shield Booster I Blueprint, Large Armor Repairer I Blueprint, S-110 Siege Launcher I Blueprint, Berserker I Blueprint, Praetor I Blueprint, Ogre I Blueprint, Wasp I Blueprint.
  • Moved the secure cargo containers to the Secure Cargo Container group from the Cargo Container group.


  • Propulsion Jamming, Sharpshooter and Acceleration Control skill descriptions have been edited to better clarify how these skills operate.
  • Weapon Upgrades description has been corrected to properly explain that the skill reduces CPU usage of turret damage modification modules.
  • Missile Skills now give correct bonuses to missiles.
  • Anchoring skill has been added to the NPC market, it can be found at all stations belonging to corporations where new players begin at.