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New Foundation Day Pack

2023-08-02 - By EVE Online Team

Tectonically powerful Capsuleers,

An unmissable new Foundation Day Pack has been added to the EVE Store, offering you a chance to pick up eight previously unseen Amarr SKINs, rare robes, PLEX, SP, and more.

The pack has been released to celebrate Foundation Day, a profoundly important date in the Amarr calendar which recognises the foundation of the empire’s first church by the prophet Dano Gheinok.

The eight included SKINs are newly added to the Lavacore Imperial line. Each carries a bold, beautiful nanocoating inspired by the Amarr empire’s long history of exploiting lava planets to harvest the rich resources found in the constant churn of magma. The SKINs’ flaming design and detailing takes its cues from the lava that has offered so much potential the Amarr people. Every Lavacore Imperial SKIN is bound to turn heads – whether you dress your hull for Foundation Day, or simply want to show your respect for the Amarr Empire whether your journey through the star cluster takes you.

Grab a Foundation Day Pack and you’ll also receive the incredibly rare male and female Amarr Courtly Robes, an Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, 1000 PLEX, and 256,000 Skill Points. Be sure not to miss out! Head to the EVE Store between 2 and 8 August to get your Foundation Day Pack.

*Please note - this pack can only be purchased once per account.


Looking to pick up the previously released Lavacore Imperial SKINs not available in the Foundation Day Pack? Then head to the New Eden Store, where you’ll find the 10 original Lavacore Imperial SKINs available with a 50% discount off their regular price. Give your Confessor, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Apocalypse Navy Issue, Armageddon Navy Issue, Redeemer, Revelation, Apostle, Aeon, or Avatar a flaming hot look for Foundation Day!

The NES Lavacore Imperial SKIN sale runs from 2 to 8 August exclusively. Stop by the NES and pick some up before it’s too late!