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New stuff and Chaos, our test server

2003-09-04 - By CCP Oveur

If you want to keep up with whats happening on Chaos, our test server, you can always read this Patch Review thread. On Chaos we test new and upcoming things along with fixes to bugs and various balancing issues.

We always try to balance the focus between adding new things and fixing others. But I want to let you in on some of the upcoming stuff (besides fixing and balancing) that you will see in the near future. A new asteroid will be introduced and a new mineral along with it. It will require deep core mining to get to this new mineral. Player owned deployable structures (PODS?) are also entering the testing phase.

I can’t tell when these will enter the Live server, we need to put out a patch and sometimes we need to skip things to have the patch clean enough for live, I’m sure you understand. I’ll keep you posted on other things in the pipes in the next days.