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Newly formed Militia calls for Gallenteans to unite

2005-05-23 - By Svarthol

The first official press release from the newly formed Eidolon Milita calls on fellow Gallentean citizens as well as others interested to join their cause and to defend the ideals on which the Federation was built on.

Following the loss of the Gallentean Titan Molyneux to the Serpentis and the inability of both politicians and the Federation Navy to prevent it from happening, Eidolon Militia, calls on capsuleers to defend "our freedom, our safety, and the ideals we hold dear, not some distant, faceless government".

Claiming that the days of the standing navy are over, Eidolon Militia aspires to become a civilian defensive force capable of protecting Federation territory by efforts in science, industry and combat.

We have managed to get in touch with Eidolon Militia's CEO and Founder, Mr. Richard Steele for a few questions.

Could you tell me what led to the creation of Eidolon Militia?

"Well, I had just pulled my barge into dock at a refinery in the Stacmon system. I looked up at the news monitor in the hangar and there was the report of the theft of our Titan. Over the next few hours I saw the reports of the battles to retake the vessel and all I could think was "I wish I could join them". I kept waiting for a report about the Navy or CONCORD or a capsuleer group retaking the ship and of course it never came... "

“I felt powerless, and I started to wonder if there was anyone in our entire Federation willing to go out there and do something about it. Everyone I saw and talked to about it seemed to feel the same way about it as I did. The general consensus was 'what can I do about it?'"

"Civilians have the means to take action and stand up for themselves. All they need to do is to join together into a single unified force. We created the Eidolon Militia to be that force - civilians working together to insure the security of Federation space."

After the creation of the Eidolon Militia, how many capsuleers have joined your cause so far?

"We currently have several applicants we are reviewing right now. One has gone on to become a recruit and several more will follow in the next few days."

Where would you like to see Eidolon Militia in the future?

"Three places: In every system in the Federation that CONCORD infrequently patrols, if at all. As witnesses at Salvador Sarpati's trial. And in the hearts and minds of Federation citizens everywhere as example of the price of freedom: Eternal vigilance."

Some political analysts are saying that this development could have a small effect on the election, taking support away from President Foiritan as they continue to slate his effectiveness in defending the federation. It is too early to say how much of an effect they might have though.

You can read the press release here