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News From Dynamic Valley

2006-10-23 - By Gnauton

Hi everyone,

Quite a few things to announce from dynamic content’s little corner of the CCP offices. More people have been added to the dynamic team, among them a fiercely prolific Chronicle and short story writer with serious skills (who has provided us with a one-story-a-week release pipeline through the new year), and a dedicated Events Coordinator who will oversee and supervise events, helping us put out a more regular events schedule which will utilize the 18 CCP staffers who have expressed interest in that area. In addition, more people are being shifted, part-time and full-time, into helping create event content – dungeons, items and logistical tools for dedicated use with events and RP, all things which will enable more widespread event participation.

You may have heard of the recent security breach suffered by AURORA. The short version: a player was able to phish one of the event producers’ passwords and gain access to the entire event management system, meaning that arc plans for the next six months were compromised and had to be scrapped. Ever in pursuit of the silver lining, we have decided to use this setback as an opportunity to do some much-needed re-shuffling of the way events are handled. The coordinator and myself will align the event staff with the mounds of interested in-house people to bring you as dynamic and immersive a storyline as possible, erasing whatever distinction may once have existed between "AURORA events" and "CCP events."

The new arrangement should bring us loads more events, with a particular emphasis on events relevant to the four empires (though the outer factions will continue to get their lovin’). We are in the process of constructing a unified timeline of story arcs for the new arrangement and getting all of the team on board. You will start to see some RP love, both in-game, on the forums and on the web site, in the very near future.

Chronicles and short stories will be published at a rate of one per week, every Monday from now. Look for the first one to hit the site today, followed by another one every Monday henceforth. We'll adhere to the schedule as religiously as possible, though momentary setbacks can always occur in the publication process so perhaps a Monday or two might be missed somewhere down the pipeline.

To whet your appetites, here is a small excerpt from an as-yet unpublished Chronicle by our new writer, that man of mystery known only as Abraxas.

_Methods of Torture – Caldari

He lies in the middle of a golden field. The sun, not yet high, gently warms him. The field has grown and not been harvested, so from where he's lying it looks like the long stalks of wheat are reaching for the skies.
He lifts one hand and reaches, too. Then he lowers it. All the while, he keeps his vision focused on the sky, on the distance.
Not once did he cry out in pain. All that was done, really, took place while he was asleep, or just somewhere else. And there was no speaking to others; it is Not Done to share these things.
Sometimes he fingers the scar behind his ear, where they went in.

It is a fact of nature that the things that grab our attention, the ones to which we react the strongest, are the things that shock us. Something comes at you slowly and deliberately, and you have time to think. Something jumps at you, and you don't. You can't put any of your filters in place; you just react instinctively. If the threat disappears as quickly as it appeared, though, all that instant mania was for nothing.
It is also a fact that high level organisms, having developed the capacity for abstract thought and imagination, can be made to feel threatened in a far greater variety of ways than the simple things that merely crawl around in the grass.

It is a symptom of madness that thoughts become uncontrollably disjointed. This can be encouraged._

Why settle for only a small dose of uncontrollable madness, though? Here’s the new one.