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Next o7 show: February 12!

2017-01-20 - By CCP Guard

The next o7 show will be on Sunday February 12! 

We look forward to talking to you about what's coming up in EVE and what's happening in the community.

The CCP offices are really buzzing these days, developers are mapping out new features and improvements for EVE, we're about to have a CSM summit here in Reykjavik followed by elections for CSM 12 and of course Fanfest is happening April 6-8 with preparations already roaring!

We want to remind you all that you can send us videos, screenshots, artwork or whatever else you feel should be on the o7 show. Shoutouts and tips are welcome too. Our E mail address is...

We'd also like to propose a little contest!

o7: Ship fit contest

Send us your favorite unconventional fit for a tech 1 cruiser. Something that's not quite the standard approach but still works well in your opinion. In your own few words, tell us why it works. We'll look over the fits and pick what we like...and we'll have some skins and PLEX for the winner(s).

Send your fit to the same E mail address, with the subject "My fit" - Deadline is February 5!

Tune in for the show Sunday Feb 12 at 20:00 UTC (EVE time) on any of our channels:


(make sure to follow/subscribe/like our channels for updates on broadcasts and everything else EVE related)

That's it! We look forward to having fun with you on Feb 12!