Next o7 show - Thursday May 19, 20:00 EVE Time! | EVE Online

Next o7 show - Thursday May 19, 20:00 EVE Time!

2016-05-12 - By CCP Guard

On this upcoming episode of your favorite LIVE internet TV show about EVE Online we're going to talk to CCP Ghost, our new producer in charge of the new player experience in EVE. We'll catch up with streamer Zarvox and talk about streaming in EVE,  we'll look at what's been happening with Citadels since building permits were first issued earlier this month, and we'll take a look at all kinds of cool things that you guys have been doing in space lately!

Of course we'll be giving away cool skins and PLEX in chat during the show!

A wild challenge appears!

We want to challenge our viewers to send us their best screenshot of a Citadel. We'll show the best ones on the show and we'll have some special prizes ready if you manage to impress us. Send your screenshots to

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If you want to point us to something cool that's been happening in the community or if you know about something/someone deserving of a shotout, E mail us at and tell us about it!

All this and MORE on o7:The EVE Online show!

May 19 - 20:00 EVE Time (UTC)

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