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NOH Executives Divert Essential Supplies

2008-10-21 - By Svarthol

Josameto – Nugoeihuvi Corporation (NOH) has been diverting essential supplies from their usual routes within the Caldari State, greatly risking commercial stability for their own profit by purchasing freight contracts at preferential rates from shipping agents, sources within the Caldari Business Tribunal (CBT) alleged yesterday. According to the statement, Nugoeihuvi CEO Morimo Yagala has taken a personal lead in persuading shippers to relinquish their contracts, funnelling the redirected shipments into more lucrative markets that include undisclosed destinations within the State.

Although these supply diversions are not illegal, CBT sources have indicated that an investigation has been requested by the CEO of another State megacorporation. While sources suggest that the CBT investigation team – whose research was to remain confidential to protect commercial interests and State security – has been blocked from pursuing certain lines of inquiry, independent researchers have been able to analyze the pattern of diverted shipments. Their analysis suggests the corporations who have been most adversely affected by the consequent lack of supplies are those specializing in deep-space research and development of long-range communication and transport technologies.

It has not yet been possible to confirm or discount the reports that these diversions have caused shortages for specific corporations, leading to worker ration cuts and temporary suspension of operations at some facilities. CBT investigators are valuing the diverted shipments at over 100 billion ISK for the purposes of export. NOH executives were unavailable for comment.