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Northern and Southern Coalition Battle Over Control of O-BY0Y

2010-05-05 - By Svarthol

O-BY0Y, Pure Blind - On April 29, 112, Northern Coalition [NC] forces attacked several Southern Coalition [SC] towers, destroying a number of them in a day of activity.

Imperian, Fleet Commander for the NC forces, had his fleet concentrated on their first target, a technetium moon tower, when SC forces headed by IT capsuleers intercepted them.

Responding to the number of SC carriers, Imperian had his cap fleet drop back from O-BY0Y to a nearby system, where they were able to gather reinforcements before jumping back in and engaging the SC forces.

"It was a turkey shoot since we had 10 titans on the field that doomsdayed their dreadnoughts left and right," Imperian said.

The SC lost an estimated 39 dreadnoughts in the fighting and 11 interdictors as well as what is believed to be 9 towers in a number of systems. It is believed the NC lost 3 interdictors and 6 dreadnoughts.

The war continues between both coalitions with skirmishes daily. Imperian expects more from the SC as both sides give and take over the same space.

"At the moment, Pandemic Legion is attacking IT in their home region, Delve, so IT have to handle both fronts and can't concentrate giving us fight around the clock."

The war continues daily, but is at a stalemate as both coalitions continue to exchange systems while not yet committing forces to a concerted push.

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