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Northern and Southern Coalitions Battle over BDV3-T

2010-05-21 - By Svarthol


BDV3-T, Pure Blind - Earlier today Northern and Southern Coalition capital fleets clashed over control tower structures in this system.

A Wildly Inappropriate. large control tower was destroyed by Red.Overlord forces in BDV3-T. Subsequent engagements over the next four hours involved a Northern Coalition capital fleet cynoing into the system to engage Southern Coalition control tower gunners at another moon. A Southern Coalition fleet then engaged the Northern Coalition capital forces, culminating with two titans entering the fray and discharging doomsday devices on the sieging Northern Coalition capitals.

The engagements ended with Southern Coalition forces reinforcing opposing structures. Northern Coalition suffered some support losses, but was able to pull back, saving its capital fleet with the exception of a single dreadnaught loss.

GalNet References

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