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Northern Coalition Attacked on All Fronts

2011-04-11 - By Svarthol

6OYQ-Z, Tenal - The Northern Coalition [NC] is currently being pressed hard by fleets from the Drone Region Federation, Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition. alliance.

Today, a fleet from the Northern Coalition. alliance, along with allies Ev0ke, Ewoks, Not Found., Polaris Syndicate, Cartel. and Merciless. reinforced five out of eleven Capital Ship Assembly Array towers in the 6OYQ-Z system in Tenal during a three-hour joint operation. They have also been attacking in Pure Blind and Fade regions.

Simultaneously, Raiden. and the Drone Region Federation have been attacking towers in Vale of the Silent, Venal and Geminate.

The plan seems to be to collectively deprive the NC of a part of their capital ship production facilities as well as the extremely valuable Technitium deposits in the Venal region.

A spokesman for the Drone Region Federation had the following to say about the attack on their enemies: "Everything they do is to split NC forces, just like in any war, you need someone making the front line as big as you can. This tactic has always worked against those who can only fight when they outnumber, but if they have split interests and split areas, they will either have to choose or break down."

As things begin to unravel, the Interstellar Correspondents will look to bring more news as it happens.

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