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Northern Coalition Engaged On Second Front As Triumvirate Invade Pure Blind

2010-01-12 - By Svarthol

ROIR-Y, Pure Blind - The Northern Coalition has relocated substantial forces to ROIR-Y system in Pure Blind to counter what appears to be a full-scale invasion by Triumvirate. [TRI] and their allies. Last week saw the death of a Northern Coalition titan and the fall of P-2TTL, a station system belonging to Northern Coalition alliance Mostly Harmless [-42-]. Northern Coalition have rallied, however and begun taking back valuable moon resources from the opposing forces.

Last week, on 08.01.112, an Avatar-class titan from Northern Coalition alliance Morsus Mihi was destroyed by a fleet from Triumvirate and their allies while they were reinforcing towers in the Northern Coalition's forward base system, ROIR-Y.

The fleet, led by Kai Page of Triumvirate, featured a large contingent of cloaking, cruise missile-fitted Ravens and planned to reinforce a few Northern Coalition control towers before moving on to a roaming operation.

SpaceSavage, director of Triumvirate corporation Tr0pa de elite, explained: "Two towers were put into reinforced and then we hit the third; a few of our allies were there too. About halfway through hitting the 3rd tower, our covops, flown by Trinity Angel reported a hostile Avatar cynoing in at another [tower], about 15 seconds later reporting another Avatar titan cynoing in. The order was given to align to the cyno, and dictors go at zero."

The Triumvirate fleet was joined on the field by vessels from their ally, RED.Overlord, who also began to "bump" the primary target, the Avatar piloted by sNaKe353. The large, clumsy titan was continually rammed off its trajectory while it tried to get safely inside the shields of the nearby control tower.

SpaceSavage continued: "At points he was extremely close to the shield, and we had a total of 3 hostile titans aggressed on our fleet, killing our battleships: two Avatars, one Erebus.

"About half way through his armour, dreads cynoed in, from both sides. Our ally Initative bridged in too, approximately 60 or so. Slowly the titan was dying, eventually going into structure but not before taking out one of our dreads, Brother Assembly, who died a hero's death!" Battleship casualties were significant on both sides.

The second Northern Coalition Avatar managed to get inside the control tower's shields and NC forces engaged with the Triumvirate gang in multiple skirmishes between ROIR-Y and the Triumvirate "home" system of X-7OMU during the remainder of the night.

Conflict had also been taking place in and around the Mostly Harmless station system of P-2TTL. Since the start of the year, forces from Triumvirate and their allies had challenged the sovereignty of the system. Multiple large battles were fought with the loss, SpaceSavage claims, of thousands of ships across the two sides. This led Mynas Atoch (Mostly Harmless FC and alliance leadership-figure) to issue a public declaration of defiance to the hostile forces.

On 10.01.112, however, combined forces from Triumvirate's coalition (known as "TriCo" after members Triumvirate and Circle of Two), gathered for the final conflict, a do-or-die moment for the system... which passed quietly, the system trickling into new hands without engagement.

Imperian, FC and military organizer for the Northern Coalition during this campaign, explained the campaign objectives for his organization:

"The problem is, I guess, that both sides have a different understanding of 'winning.' Their goal was to take over the P-2TTL station system. Our goal is to get our high-end and technetium moons back in Pure Blind and Venal.

"We were successful at reclaiming our Venal moons already and go for the Pure Blind moons now. We killed 4 of theirs today without big resistance and replaced them with our own ones."

Imperian confirmed that at present, the Northern Coalition is focusing on the TriCo invasion as the main threat, working as a unit rather than individual alliances and focusing on the Pure Blind front. By reclaiming valuable moons, NC ensure their warchest for a sustained conflict. TriCo, meanwhile, have little regard for strategic assets and a hunger for battle. The coalition plans to keep pressure on the NC and "kill as much as possible, pick apart the NC one bit at a time and disband their coalition." The two mindsets, though radically different, both point to one thing: a sustained and hard-fought war.

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