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Northern Coalition Forces Ambushed After Station Assault

2011-02-22 - By Svarthol

O4-LQM, Geminate - On 20.2.113, Northern Coalition forces were successful in placing Solar Fleet station, 'O4 SOLAR CITADEL', into reinforced mode.

Northern Coalition forces, who were returning to mount a 2nd attack on the station, experienced no intervention from hostile forces in O4-LQM. However a hostile fleet of 800 capsuleers comprised primarily of Solar Fleet, Legion of xXDEATHXx, and White Noise (DRF) were present in the neighbouring solar system of Y8R-XZ. Once 'O4 SOLAR CITADEL' was placed into reinforced mode, Northern Coalition forces began to travel home.

Capsuleer, Chung Mu, from -MOSTLY HARMLESS- (NC), said of the operation: "NC had several fleets up, armour fleet, shield alpha strike fleet, BC fleet, I was a logistics pilot in the shield fleet. We around 700-800 [Pilots] and we heard that the [DRF] had around the same ready to hot drop."

The Northern Coalition forces were then ambushed by Solar Fleet and their allies while travelling home through solar system VSJ-PP, as Chung Mu continues, "[DRF] hot dropped an Abaddon fleet on my fleet which was moving last when it came to the fight. They cyno'd in around 20 -30 carriers to rep their Abaddons, after half an hour, to an hour, [they] started to jump out.”

Ji'txi Mu'rah of Morsus Mihi (NC) was also present in the battle and described the events: “[They] jumped in carriers which were nearly all obliterated, NC then picked off stragglers... got some free kills.”

Junior SvK, a Fleet Commander from R.A.G.E (NC) told his version of events: “We were ambushed by DRF forces that attacked on our fleet with carriers, we regrouped and counter engaged them. DRF, after our counter attack had to pull back and leave the field.”

Tensions are high between NC and DRF forces as violence in Geminate continues. A total of 370 Ships including several capsules were lost during the engagement.

DRF forces were unavailable for comment on their ambush of Northern Coalition forces in VSJ-PP.

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