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Northern Coalition Forces Engage SOLAR FLEET in UG-UWZ

2011-03-20 - By Svarthol

UG-UWZ, Geminate - On 16.03.113, solar system UG-UWZ, currently under the sovereignty of SOLAR FLEET came under attack from Northern Coalition (NC) Forces.

Forces from the NC had previously placed SOLAR FLEET’S station "UG SOLAR MAGIC CASTLE" into reinforced mode (commonly shortened to "RF"), with the station due to exit RF on 17.03.113.

Hinata, the Northern Coalition Fleet Commander, explained the engagement and the resistance they encountered in the solar system. "DRF [Drone Russian Forces] didn’t come in to fight us. We attempted a hot drop on them in UG-UWZ but they jumped out before we got bubbles on them." When asked if the NC would be returning after the station left RF, Hinata commented "Probably." SOLAR FLEET representatives were unavailable for comment.

SOLAR FLEET is a member of the Drone Russian Forces, a coalition of alliances including Legion of xXDEATHXx, White Noise and Red Alliance.

In total, 102 vessels were destroyed in the UG-UWZ and 75 capsuleers were forced to reclone during the engagement. Sovereignty over the system and outpost currently remain in SOLAR FLEET's hands.

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