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Notice concerning scams citing the wallet API

2015-10-12 - By CCP Falcon

A common scam in EVE relies on convincing a mark that upon donating a sum of ISK to the scammer, twice as much or more ISK will be returned to the victim. This is often referred to as the ISK doubling scam.

In order to lend added legitimacy/authenticity to the scam, the scammer links to a webpage containing partially fabricated wallet data supposedly pulled from the API. The wallet logs will show what appear to be successful ISK doubling transactions from the past. In some cases, the scammer will go even further by fabricating a transaction to the victim, implying that the ISK was sent but not properly delivered due to a bug in the EVE client.

Many victims of this scam end up contacting CCP customer support under the belief that either the EVE client or the EVE API is broken. The implication that a bug caused the ISK transfer to fail is a point of confusion which we will no longer tolerate. In light of this, all variations of this scam which reference fabricated API data are from today on considered illegitimate.

Do not perform scams which rely on fabricated API data from now on.

Keep in mind that only our stance towards this particular scam has changed, no other scams are being outlawed. This scam joins a short list of illegitimate scams:

  • Scams involving Character Transfers
  • Scams involving exploits
  • Scams involving PLEX for GOOD campaigns

Please see this helpcenter article for more information on scams.