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Notorious Gurista Sighted In Venal

2006-03-06 - By Svarthol

VENAL. Lucash Helmatt has emerged from hiding according to reports from local residents.

Helmatt, who gained notoriety after downing a CONCORD battleship in November, destroyed two vessels piloted by members of the Phoenix Alliance in the 6NJ8-V system on Sunday.

Commenting on this encounter, Phoenix Alliance's Second-In-Command, Reaso Ning, said that the Guristas had entered the system and announced that they "would not engage those who didn't engage them. Some of our members took this as a challenge and engaged." Ning stated that one of the Worms was destroyed, but that the Phoenix Alliance lost those of their ships which entered the engagement when Lucash Helmatt showed up in a Rattlesnake.

"Afterward, communication channels were opened, and discussions began. It became clear that the Guristas' members represented a delegation seeking diplomatic ties. They have sought to establish a policy of co-existence and non-aggression with us." The Phoenix Alliance is still deciding whether to accept this offer of co-existence at this time.

Responding to the news of Helmatt's resurgence in Venal, a CONCORD Public Relations Officer said, "Rest assured, if he shows up anywhere within our jurisdiction, we will exact swift justice. He will pay for his crimes."

Lucash Helmatt was last in the public eye back in November of year 106, when he attacked two CONCORD Special Forces battleships. One of the CONCORD battleships was destroyed, with great loss of life, and the second, captained by Commander Plavers, was forced to retreat. After this incident, an official described Helmatt as "an extremely dangerous and violent individual."

Since November, there have been no recorded sightings of Helmatt, and it has been widely assumed that he has been in hiding. The Guristas' continued silence since Helmatt's disappearance has resulted in rampant speculation about their intentions. His sudden reappearance is widely expected to add fuel to the fire, not least among Venal residents.

One group currently based in Venal will certainly be pondering the Guristas' intentions. Pilots of the recently formed Dominion Empire alliance were amongst the first to see Helmatt.

Dominion Empire forces are currently fighting alongside The Five against the Phoenix Alliance and their allies. Max M, Dominion Empire pilot, and CEO of 5th Dimension, said of the encounter with the Guristas: "They ran away, and didn't stop to fight. A few words were exchanged in local communication channels."

When asked if Dominion Empire had an official stance towards the Guristas, Head of Public Relations, Matrix Aran, responded: "No. Not yet."