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Nugoeihuvi Shipping Scandal Exposes Sukuuvestaa CEO to Criticism

2008-10-22 - By Svarthol

Saisio – Kuikiainen Onita, CEO of Sukuuvestaa Corporation (SuVee) has denied allegations that the policies of her company, the Caldari State's largest land-owning corporation, may have contributed to the growing scandal of redirected Nugoeihuvi Corporation (NOH) shipments. Following the news that NOH is under investigation for infringements of Caldari commercial law with respect to diverted supplies, it has emerged that SuVee is now NOH's main beneficiary, receiving a considerable number of food and agricultural produce shipments.

"As Chief Executive, I emphatically deny any wrongdoing on the part of Sukuuvestaa Corporation," said Onita at a hastily-arranged press conference yesterday. "It is well known that the commercial relationship between SuVee and our partners in NOH is deep and long-standing. Our arrangements are hardly unique in the Caldari State, and it is natural for corporations to adapt their trade according to altered commercial focus." Questioned as to why the largest landowner in the State was gorging its already sizeable supply chain with large imports of agricultural products, Onita stated only that the use of SuVee assets was subject to "commercial confidentiality."

In other developments, Lai Dai Corporation this morning released a statement acknowledging that it had been experiencing supply "contraction" and "logistical overstretch" in the running of its recently acquired research subsidiaries. Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoya is widely rumored to have lodged the initial complaint triggering the NOH shipping investigation, but CBT officials have neither confirmed or denied anything.